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At BASF, we're constantly working to deliver intelligent, sustainable solutions to today's most complex global problems.

Every day, we create chemistry that adds value to our products and services, in harmony with nature and, most importantly, with people. If you're looking for a challenging, rewarding career in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, BASF is looking for you.

Service Technician (Baltimore, MD)
Position ID: #EB-4517846469
Date Posted: 4/19/2017 10:37:50 AM
Location: Baltimore, MD

Position Description
As a Service Technician, you will provide overall service necessary for the installation, maintenance, operation and quality control of dispenser equipment to best meet customer needs, requirements and specifications within the corporate safety guidelines. Additional responsibilities will include:

• Monitoring dispenser equipment to ensure that it is operating as expected.
• Performing routine maintenance and determining when and what kind of maintenance is needed.
• Troubleshooting and identifying what may be causing an operating error and seeking problem resolution.
• Performing dispenser repair, maintenance, install and recovery.
• Performing advanced dispenser installs like liquid color systems and remote tank level monitoring systems.
• Supporting new product initiation and implementation.
• Maintaining customer relationships at plant levels.
• Performing integration and support of newly acquired accounts.
• Implementing and complying with company-wide initiatives, policies, guidelines and procedures.
• Creating a long-term dynamic consultative relationship with the customer that builds mutual trust and respect by identifying cause and effect approaches to their key business issues by pro-actively listening, advising, facilitating and responding appropriately, on-time and beyond the “closed sale.”
• Demonstrating and articulating the features and benefits of company products and services.
• Understanding the customer’s processes sufficiently to recommend the most appropriate solutions to meet their needs. Is perceived by the customer as a value added technical resource to help the customer to “uncomplicate the complicated” in order to feel confident utilizing those products and services.
• Possessing the expertise, knowledge and strong personal commitment, in an ever growing and competitive marketplace, to analyze, anticipate and then take advantage of the company’s strengths in order to stay ahead of the real or perceived competition.
• Following and contributing to the work processes to achieve improvement in company process safety performance.
• Assuring standards of safety, environmental, team and individual performance are met in a high-performance team-based organization.
• Addressing and raising the EHS standards.

Position Details:
Location: Baltimore, MD
Salary: $27/hr, plus overtime and a 5% bonus.
Travel: Travel is estimated at 15%.
Benefits: Our client provides for their own, with very flexible and generous benefits packages. This includes Medical/Pharmacy/Dental, Life Insurance options, Disability coverage, Reimbursement Accounts, Employee Savings Plans, Pension Plans, and Paid Time Off and a company vehicle (Service Truck usually an F250 4 door or similar).

• Must be a transitioning or former military technician with one of the following backgrounds: Machinist Mate, Electrician, Submarine Technician, Gas Turbine System Electrician, or Gas Turbine System Mechanic; or other similar ratings.
• Must possess basic computer skills.
• Must have good communication skills.
• Must have proficiency in the following company competencies:
? Demonstrate Customer Focus
? Communicate Effectively
? Drive Sustainable Solutions

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Position ID: #EB-4160780232
Date Posted: 9/14/2016 3:18:41 PM

• Process and Project
• Cost Estimating
• Control Estimating
• Instrument and Controls
• Electrical
• Civil & Structural
• Reliability

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Business & Operations
Position ID: #EB-1389955298
Date Posted: 9/14/2016 3:17:22 PM

• Project Managers
• Logistics & Supply Chain
• Sales & Marketing

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Manufacturing & Technicians
Position ID: #EB-2035428193
Date Posted: 9/14/2016 3:15:45 PM

• Production Technicians
• Operators
• Maintenance Technicians
• Field Technical Service

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Position ID: #EB-1664109547
Date Posted: 9/14/2016 3:12:51 PM

• Lab Technicians

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