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The Orion Sword - November 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010
In This Issue:
Fortune Profiles the Cruicial Role of JMOs in Corporate America,
Upcoming Hiring Conferences,
According To Our Clients,
Military Times Article Features Orion Alumu, Compares Corporate Job Fairs to Hiring Conferences,
Meet Our Candidates,
Survey Reveals Bizarre Excuses for Being Late 
Fortune Profiles the Crucial Role of JMOs in Corporate America

In his recent Fortune article, Brian O’Keefe reveals the ways in which Corporate America is increasingly utilizing Junior Military Officer talent.  O’Keefe points out that the increasing presence of JMOs in the workplace is evidenced by the fact that G.I. Jobs Military Friendly Employers List has grown from only 10 employers in 2003 to 100 this year. With such an interest in JMO talent, competition to hire these candidates is becoming fiercer.

O’Keefe cites Wal-Mart as being at the forefront of recognizing the talent JMOs have to offer. When faced with a potential talent shortage, they turned to JMOs and found them to be a “gold mine of talent”. General David Petraeus explains the appeal of this “gold mine” to Fortune by saying, “Tell me anywhere in the business world where a 22- or 23-year-old is responsible for 35 or 40 other individuals on missions that involve life and death.”

According to Jennifer Seidner, a senior recruiting manager at Wal-Mart, they turned to JMOs with the thinking that “…we could bring in world-class talent that was already trained and ready to go.” Wal-Mart set up a program in which newly hired JMOs were paired with Store Manager mentors, so they could get on-the-job training. Orion International played an important role in this hiring initiative by partnering with Wal-Mart to help them bring more than 150 veterans on board.

Two of these placements are Ty Hapworth and Charles Fontenot. Both served as First Lieutenants in Army and National Guard, respectively, and both found the Wal-Mart/Orion partnership to be ideal. “Thanks to Orion’s hiring event, I am a Developmental Store Manager at Wal-Mart.  In terms of location (New England), responsibility (managing up to 600 people), and pay (likely six figures with bonus), it is far, far beyond anything I ever expected coming out of the Army after only three years,” says Hapworth. Fontenot agrees: “I couldn't be happier with the position, the company, and the opportunities there are to do things with the company I didn’t think I would be able to do. Orion definitely met my placement needs—they got me a great, well-paying job!”

Corporate America is not just hiring these JMOs; they are setting them up for success with elite management development programs. GE Energy and PepsiCo are among the many companies who either have a program dominated by veterans or solely for veterans. According to O’Keefe, GE Energy’s Junior Officer Leadership Program brings 15 to 25 JMOs on board each year. Veterans account for more than 25% of the Leadership Development Program at PepsiCo, where veterans currently fill seven out of the 25 positions.

No matter what company and position JMOs choose to enter, they continuously excel in their job and bring unparalleled leadership to their companies. O’Keefe’s article is a great example of the value veterans like you bring to the civilian workplace. You can read the original article here.

Upcoming Hiring Conferences

Norfolk, VA

Baltimore, MD
Distinguished Candidate Conference


April 12

May 17-18



Atlanta, GA


May 3-4


Chicago, IL

April 12 


South Central  

Houston, TX

Dallas, TX

April 12

May 17



San Diego, CA 

Seattle, WA

April 19

May 14

According to Our Clients

 “We have been using Orion International for the past 5 years.  Since then, we have placed numerous candidates into Field Service positions all across the company. 

Many of the Orion Candidates have moved up within the past couple of years and now are considered some of the leaders within our company.

The quality of employees that we receive from Orion is exceptional.  They are motivated, experienced, and have the work ethic that we look for.  Orion is the first place I look when hiring a new employee.”

– Seth Robert, Mid-Continent / West Texas Area Manager, Canrig Drilling Technology

Military Times Article Features Orion Alum, Compares Job Fairs and Hiring Conferences

In his Military Time Edge article on job fairs versus hiring conferences, Adam Stone explores both hiring methods in depth, and features Shannon Dowdell, an Orion International alumnus. Dowdell, a former nuclear electronics technician who separated from the Navy in 2007, attended Orion’s May 2008 Houston Hiring Conference. When asked about the human touch hiring conferences bring to the business of applying for jobs, Dowdell explains, “I learned just what the expectations are in the real world, what it is like to do a real interview for an actual career. Having never conducted an interview or put together a résumé, that experience was golden.” It was through this conference that Dowdell found his new career as a top drive technician with Canrig Field Service, an oil & gas services company.

When explaining the difference between job fairs and hiring conferences, Stone points out that while job fairs can expose candidates to a broad range of employers, this can lead job seekers “down a few dead ends.” Hiring conferences, however, are more targeted in terms of matching candidate and hiring companies, and can often lead to quicker job offer. For instance, at an Orion hiring conference, hiring managers interview up to ten pre-selected candidates in a single day, as opposed to 20 or 30 candidates who have not been vetted at a job fair. This benefits both the candidate and the client by reducing the candidate’s job search time and the company's hiring cycle time.

According to Jo Ann Kennedy-Watson of Bridgestone, “I know that when I go to a hiring conference, I am only going to see applicants that are truly qualified for the openings we have, and the process is very organized and professional. Thanks to Orion, we have improved the skill level of all of our maintenance techs by hiring multi-skilled applicants and working with them to develop new skill sets for our other teammates. ”

Veterans who found their career through a Military Hiring Conference will frequently enlist the help of the company who placed them once they are in a position to hire, as in the case of Seth Robert, Mid-Continent/West Texas Area Manager for Canrig. Placed with Canrig back in 2005, Robert explains why he now works with Orion when staffing his own team. “As an Orion Alumnus, I am grateful for the service that Orion provided me, and look forward to continuing to utilize them when looking for new employees. In fact, nearly 30 percent of the employees that work for me have a military background.”

Meet Our Candidates
The battle for talent in the workplace can be fierce.  It doesn't have to be if you know where to look. Below is a preview of actual Orion International candidates and the valuable skills and experience they possess. 


Responsible for training officers to be future EOOWs, as well as enlisted students in their respective rates (electrical, reactor, and mechanical)

Developed and implemented $1.3 million year 2000 compliant automation plan bringing up-to-date computer technology to all units within the Brigade down to the platoon level

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Clarkson University 

Qualified Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOOW), Nuclear Plant Engineer, Drill Coordinator, SI, POI, ECCS, and Test Engineer

Supervised, developed and implemented operating procedures to increase safety, decrease injuries, and increase productivity

Operated and maintained power and lighting circuits, motor controllers, voltage regulators and frequency generators

Operated standard test and metering equipment, including multimeter, voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter

Expedited the repair of ship's service diesel generator to maintain stable electrical ships power during operational exercises


Managed 35 departmental 3M Assistants in the qualitative and quantitative review on internal management practices of the 3M Program

Developed an analytic plan covering maintenance functions and preventive maintenance records for reviewing performance of 106 shipboard work centers

Implemented a comprehensive discrepancy tracking system providing detailed reports for enhancing the accountability in reporting. increasing documentation and correction of deficiencies during a one year period by 15%

MA, National Security Affairs, USNA

Supervised and coordinated a work center of over 45 Nuclear Machinist Mates (Operational Plant) and a shift crew of over 100  nuclear trained operators (Refueling Overhaul)
Responsible for operation, upkeep, & maintenance (corrective and preventive) of eight 2500KW steam driven coolant turbine generator sets and all associated mechanical and control systems
Personally responsible for completion of repairs on over 30 Nuclear Level I & III valves

Qualified as Nuclear Quality Controls Inspector Supervisor


Managed Supply & Inventory for over $25 million in material assets and sustainment

Oversaw department of 40 personnel, including performance evaluations, training programs and awards

Advanced knowledge of Supply Chain strategies (e.g., inventory reduction, parts kitting, supplier consolidation, optimum flow, lead-time reduction)

BA, Communications, California State University


Survey Reveals Bizarre Excuses for Being Late

Survey Reveals Bizarre Excuses for Being LateAccording to CareerBuilder’s most recent survey, released today, 16 percent of workers said they arrive late to work at least once a week, down from 20 percent who said the same in last year’s survey.  Eight percent of workers said they are late at least twice a week, down from 12 percent last year.

The recent decrease in tardiness could be an indicator that employees’ worries over job security has them taking their jobs more seriously, including punctuality.

With fewer employees arriving late to work, you would think that the bizarre excuses would subside as well.  As CareerBuilder has found, that is not the case. The following were the most uncommon excuses employees have given for being late according to their survey.

• “I got mugged and was tied to the steering wheel of my car.”
• “My deodorant was frozen to the window sill.”
• “My car door fell off.”
• “It was too windy.”
• “I dreamt I was already at work.”
• “I had to go to the hospital because I drank antifreeze.”
• “I had an early morning gig as a clown.”
• “A roach crawled in my ear.” 
• “I saw an elderly lady at a bus stop and decided to pick her up.”
• “My dog swallowed my cell phone.”

It is likely excuses like these are the driving factor behind 34% of hiring managers reporting they’ve terminated employees for being late, up from 30% last year.

Click here for original article.

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