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August 29 - 30, 2016

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Army Officer with a Master's in Engineering Management


Master of Science, Engineering Management | 2014
University of Missouri Science and Technology, St. Rolla, MO

Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering | 2007
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Unites States Army | 2008 - 2016

Operations Manager

  • Supervised, planned, coordinated, and managed all aspects of the operations, readiness, and training for a theater level honor guard providing guards of honor and ceremonial support for dignitaries of the United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command, and United States Forces Korea.
  • Directed the work efforts of 120 multi-level staff members and provided technical and operational expertise to develop standard operating procedures and training plans to execute all security and honor guard operations.
  • Managed the budget administration and funding activities for a budget of $350K including the acceptance, disbursement, and accounting of monies for travel, supplies, equipment, and other resources; oversaw the logistics of all equipment, assets and tools, and equipment valued in excess of $5M.

Project Manager

  • Served as the prime interface for Knowledge Management (KM) for the United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission (UNCMAC) supporting the United Nations Commander (UNC) and support staff and ensuring compliance with the Korean Armistice Agreement.
  • Managed the planning, researching, coordinating, and executing comprehensive strategies to support the enhancement and synchronization of over 83 UNCMAC staff, in order to learn and adapt through the use of knowledge management.
  • Built knowledge management capabilities at all levels, improved processes for the knowledge management working group, and integrated those processes and standards into all staff sections; all efforts positively impacted the organization's performance in a wide variety of areas.
  • Served as a liaison for the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission (NNSC); represented the organization during internal and external briefings and planning meetings with multiple high ranking leaders, policy makers, and members of the NNSC, which comprised of the Swiss, Swedish, and Polish Flag/General Officers and staff members.
  • Advised the commander, staff, and subordinate units on all knowledge management solutions and the implementation of all KM practices and procedures; offered insight and strategic input to meet and exceed all KM program and long-term SharePoint development strategies and objectives.
  • Led, coordinated, and managed all information and physical security matters; prepared all standard operating procedures and planned, recommended, and initiated plans to enhance security posture and corrected overall deficiencies and vulnerabilities.
  • Managed all procedures, practices, and policies pertaining to security of the Commanders, facilities, buildings, personnel, property, sensitive materials, and equipment; monitored security systems and access control for the staff and performed inspections of all security operations to prevent individuals and/or prohibited materials and protect personnel, property, and equipment.

Engineering Project Manager

  • Directed and managed 70 construction projects and 20 service contracts valued in excess of $450M for the Regional Support Command-North (RSC-N) Engineers, Afghanistan.
  • Led and acted as a primary planner for all actions involving the operations and related logistics for Afghan National Security Force (ANSF) capacity development and coalition-sponsored infrastructure construction.
  • Mentored Brigade level Facility Engineers; provided technical and operational expertise to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), oversaw all engineering planning, programming, resource management, contracting, fielding of personnel, equipment, and related training.
  • Participated in routine briefings and meetings with senior management, stakeholders, and policymakers at various levels of the Command on matters pertaining to operational shortfalls, operations, capabilities, and all sustainment projects; oversaw compliance with theater master planning, military construction, host nation funded construction, and Partnership Programs.
  • Synchronized the effort between RSC-N Coalition partners, ANSF, and other key stakeholders; served as the primary interface managing all manpower planning, distribution, and assignment practices for all staffing requirements and personnel scheduling.
  • Facilitated the transition of infrastructure from Coalition to ANSF ownership and the transition of infrastructure of Operations & Maintenance responsibilities form the United States to the Afghan leadership.

Program Manager

  • Provided senior-level leadership in managing all aspects of the Fort Bliss Warrior Transition Battalion program; served as a formal leader of an interdisciplinary team providing oversight of command and control, primary medical management, risk mitigation, and comprehensive transition planning which facilitated the medical, social and professional rehabilitation of Warriors back to the military or as productive Veterans.
  • Oversaw the development of all Transition Plans for up to 110 Wounded Warriors (Active, Reserve, and National Guard) to ensure the development of goals in medical, behavioral, social, career, and/or personal functional areas; coordinated all activities and/or actions to establish the appropriate time schedules.
  • Managed the support, training, progression, and work efforts of a cross-functional staff of over 50 Cadre members and 100 cross-functional support staff on all operational activities, training, and direction of work assignments; oversaw the professional development and certification of the staff to ensure that all enforced standards were met and maintained.
  • Managed the budget administration and funding activities for a budget including the acceptance, disbursement, and accounting of monies for travel, supplies, equipment, and other resources; managed the quality, maintenance, accountability, and control of the equipment, facilities, complex barracks, assets, and equipment valued in excess of $60M.
  • Advised higher echelon managers on the status, readiness, training, and program expenditures, and developed, presented, and recommended effective and viable courses of action regarding operational readiness and support issues in all functional areas.