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  Date Midwest  
  Jun 1-Jun 2 Chicago, IL 
  Jul 13-Jul 14 Chicago, IL 
  Sep 14-Sep 15 Chicago, IL 
  Oct 26-Oct 27 Chicago, IL 
  Dec 7-Dec 8 Cincinnati, OH 
  Date North West  
  May 8-May 9 Seattle, WA 
  Jun 23-Jun 24 Seattle, WA 
  Jul 31-Aug 1 Seattle, WA 
  Sep 18-Sep 19 Seattle, WA 
  Nov 6-Nov 7 Seattle, WA 
  Date Northeast  
  May 4-May 5 Philadelphia, PA 
  Jun 12-Jun 13 Norfolk, VA 
  Jul 13-Jul 14 Parsippany, NJ 
  Aug 24-Aug 25 Norfolk, VA 
  Sep 7-Sep 8 Baltimore, MD 
  Oct 12-Oct 13 Parsippany, NJ 
  Nov 9-Nov 10 Norfolk, VA 
  Dec 7-Dec 8 Philadelphia, VA 
  Date South Central  
  May 18-May 19 Dallas, TX 
  Jun 22-Jun 23 Houston, TX 
  Aug 10-Aug 11 Houston, TX 
  Sep 21-Sep 22 Dallas, TX 
  Oct 26-Oct 27 Houston, TX 
  Dec 7-Dec 8 Houston, TX 
  Date South West  
  Jun 1-Jun 2 San Diego, CA 
  Jul 13-Jul 14 San Diego, CA 
  Aug 24-Aug 25 San Diego, CA 
  Oct 12-Oct 13 San Diego, CA 
  Dec 7-Dec 8 San Diego, CA 
  Date Southeast  
  May 18-May 19 Jacksonville, FL 
  Jun 16-Jun 17 Atlanta, GA 
  Jul 13-Jul 14 Jacksonville, FL 
  Aug 11-Aug 12 Atlanta, GA 
  Sep 22-Sep 23 Raleigh, NC 
  Oct 27-Oct 28 Atlanta, GA 
  Dec 8-Dec 9 Raleigh, NC 
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