The Hunter for Technicians and Leaders - December 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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Job Seeker Success Story,
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Franchise Opportunities for Veterans,
Recruiter Spotlight,
According to your Peers,
Job Hunting during the Holidays,
Featured Positions – Maintenance Technician with an Automobile Manufacturer,
Earn $100 for Every Referral that Finds their Career through Orion,
Technical Careers with Siemens Corporation,
Companies Recently Hiring,
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A Note from our President

With the passing of Veterans Day 2010, I think it is important to revisit Orion's Purpose, which is “To strengthen the fabric of America by providing ethical leaders to the nation.”  A key part of this worthy purpose is serving the veteran throughout his or her transition to civilian life.  Veterans Day is an ideal day to remember that Purpose and to continue to offer our best to you, as a veteran.

Much of Orion’s success is measured by the amount of veterans who are successfully placed into civilian careers. And despite elevated unemployment rates, Orion placed more than 130 veterans in jobs in October alone. We take pride in our placements and are always looking for new opportunities for the veterans who trust us to help them make their transition.

Throughout the 19 years of Orion’s existence and on a day-to-day basis, we recognize and market the value of hiring veterans to corporations.  It was not too terribly long ago, however, that this marketing of military talent was not so common. My own experience is an example of that.  When I got out of the Marines in 1992, it was a true struggle to get interviews.  About the only positions available were pharmaceutical sales positions.  There were very few jobs in semiconductor, oil and gas, distribution, or manufacturing.  And there were no hiring events for enlisted veterans. 

I’m happy to remind veteran job seekers this Veterans Day month that the world has changed in the last 20 years.  Now, there are many more companies open to the concept of hiring veterans based on their intangible skills sets as opposed to the civilian with more applicable experience.  Though Orion certainly cannot take all the credit for this change, I am proud to say we enjoy helping veterans make the transition into the civilian workforce by matching their skills and career goals with opportunities within America’s finest companies.  And it is through services like Orion’s that companies come to realize that veterans represent sought-after qualities like leadership, technical experience, and intangibles, such as loyalty, work ethic, and integrity, which distinguish them in the civilian workplace.

As we honor all those who have served this great nation, I would like to encourage you to explore our services and see what it is exactly that sets us apart from the competition. We’re here to serve you!

- Mike Starich, President, Orion International

Job Seeker Success Story

John Pelton, Maintenance Operator

I left the Navy in 1996 and have worked in steel mills and power plants since.  When my previous employer lost 90% in a Russian stock market decline, four out of their five North American operations went idle and the remaining one laid off over 1,600 people, including me. 

In the Navy, I was a Nuclear Plant Machinist Mate, E-5. Working in the power plant of an aircraft carrier allowed me to learn about pumps, valves, steam and water systems, turbines, and generators.  The knowledge and skills I learned there were a perfect fit for working in commercial power generation, and the mechanical nature of the job prepared me for the steel industry as well.

At Orion, I worked with Ernest Burson.  Ernest arrives at the conferences early, works all weekend to prepare candidates, and pays close attention to everything those candidates say or do.  He’s on top of things.  I’ve been to four Orion hiring conferences, three in Chicago and one in Houston.  All the conferences were interesting and gave me opportunities to work on my interviewing skills. One of those conferences led to my job as a Maintenance Operator for SSAB. I’ll be using the mechanical knowledge I’ve developed over the last 20 years to help keep equipment in good operating condition.

Over the last 18 months of being laid off, I’ve sent my resume to literally hundreds of potential employers.  Orion put me in front of the hiring managers—some of which came from companies I had tried to get interviews with on my own.  I presume my resume was lost in their stacks of many thousands, though, because most of my actual interviews came through Orion.

In addition to hundreds of employers, I also sent my information to about 20 or more recruiting firms.  Some of them are good, others are poor.  I did get three interviews over 18 months through three agencies aside from Orion, but got 12 different interviews at the four hiring conferences with Orion.  Overall, the Orion people brought many times the number of opportunities the others did combined.

Upcoming Events

Hiring Conferences

If you will be separating from the military and preparing to begin your civilian career within the next 90 days, be sure to attend one of our hiring conferences. After a full day of preparation, you’ll interview with hiring authorities for only those positions that are a match with your needs and preferences.

Click on any of the conference locations to request more information on the conference you’d like to attend!





Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

 December 5 - 6

 January 16 - 17




Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

December 5 - 6

January 16 - 17




Cincinnati, OH

Chicago, IL

December 5 - 6

January 16 - 17

South Central



Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

December 5 - 6

January 16 - 17




San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

 December 5 - 6

January 20 - 21

Base Visits

When our Recruiters visit a location near you, it’s a chance to get a jump start on your career search, regardless of your ETS date. Our Recruiters will discuss your goals and preferences with you and present a realistic picture of what to expect in your search. You’ll get resume advice, interview preparation tips, and much more!  Click here or on any of the base visits to receive more information about the base visit you are interested in attending.

Naval Station Mayport

 NSB Kings Bay

MCAS Beaufort

Ft. Stewart

Charleston, SC

December 13

December 14

December 15

December 15

December 16

Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

Are you interested in owning your own residential or commercial service business?

If you like the idea of being in business for yourself, but not by yourself, owning a franchise may be the career for you! Being a business owner allows you freedom and flexibility, while providing a great challenge. A benefit of owning a franchise is that you have an established and respected corporate brand behind you, as well as support of the franchise company, providing for a smoother startup phase and continued assistance and training.

Orion is currently hiring for nationwide franchise ownership opportunities. There are 6 different franchises to chose from, all in residential or commercial services. Our client has been ranked among The Best Places to Work in Texas for 2 years in a row, is one of the most respected franchise companies in the U.S., and will provide franchise owners with all training to successfully start-up and run their own business.

As with any franchise opportunity, the franchisee will need a capital investment (at least $25k); and must have the ability to obtain financing for the remainder of the franchise. If you would like to own your business and want to learn more about this opportunity, please email Larry Cummings, or call him at (800) 336-7466 x 427.

Recruiter Spotlight

Matt Clingon

To introduce our new series spotlighting a different recruiter each month, we begin with Matt Clingon, a Career Network recruiter in Orion’s Virginia Beach office.

Matt Clingon was born on the bayou just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana.  On his 17th birthday, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and went to boot camp at MCRD San Diego shortly after graduating from high school.  He attended the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton, California. 

Matt was selected to serve at Marine Barracks 8th & I in Washington, DC, as part of the Marine Corps Honor Guard where he participated in a variety of ceremonies across the Military District of Washington, to include ceremonies at the White House, Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, the Marine Corps War Memorial, the Home of the Commandants, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  After two years in Washington, Matt received orders to 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  While serving with 2nd Marines, Matt attended the Advanced Infantry Squad Leaders School. 

Shortly after graduation, he served in Iraq, where he led a squad of infantry Marines in the Battle for An Nasiriyah.  Upon return from Iraq, he requested orders for Drill Instructor duty at Parris Island, South Carolina.  Matt served as a Drill Instructor with 1st Recruit Training Battalion, and was Honorably Discharged in 2006 after eight years of service. 

As his last enlistment was drawing to a close, Matt learned of Orion International through a fellow Marine, and was subsequently placed by Orion at Hiring Conference with as Production Supervisor for a building materials company.  Matt joined the Orion team as a Recruiter in 2007, and during his tenure has been an integral part of helping hundreds of veterans and transitioning military service members find careers in the civilian workforce.

Matt loves spending time with his beautiful wife of five years and their 17 month-old son.   Matt enjoys fishing, marksmanship, reading, home improvement projects, and has been known to whip up the meanest batch of red beans and rice east of the Mississippi.


If you could give just one piece of career advice to a transitioning military professional, what would it be?

Think outside of the box, and step outside of your comfort zone.  That applies both to industry and location.  Don’t think like every other person that is separating from active duty.  In other words, when you separate from the military, understand that your experience and skill set is applicable to more than just submarines, fighter jets, tanks, and aircraft carriers.  Understand that there is a huge need for military talent outside of Norfolk, VA, and Groton, CT. 

It’s extremely hard to stand out as the best candidate when you look for a job in an area where every other job seeker is just like you.  Whether you are an electronics technician or a mechanic, there are thousands of companies out there that need your skill set, even though they might be involved in an industry that has absolutely nothing to do with the platforms you worked on in the military.

What do you like most about working at Orion?

I enjoy teaching and coaching people on how to conduct their career search and how to interview, and ultimately seeing that combined effort of candidate and recruiter coming to fruition in the candidate gaining a meaningful career after the military.

Are there any specialties you are currently seeking?

I always have a need for Navy Nukes, GSE/M's, FC’s, ET’s, MM’s, and EM’s.

Please share one interesting fact about yourself that you would like candidates to know.

Your career search is very important to me.  I work hard every day to help veterans find careers.  I spend long hours in the office (I have been known to be at my desk until eleven or twelve o’clock at night).  However, when your career search becomes more of a priority for me than it does for you, then I’ll focus my efforts on candidates who have their priorities in order.  I can only help those that are willing to help themselves!

Connect with Matt.
800-544-3787 x. 506

According to Your Peers

“I left the military in 2000, at which time Orion placed me in the steel industry. So when it came time to search for a new career ten years later, I turned to Orion once again. They set me up for what turned out to be a successful interview with Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL).  On both occasions that I worked with them, Orion set me up directly with the company I eventually ended up working for.” – Chuck Manchester, Maintenance Production Foreman

“I separated from active duty in the Navy in March 2010 after nine years of service. I served as an E-6 Nuclear Electronics Technician and honestly feel the years I spent in the military prepared me for any civilian job in terms of work ethic, technical skills, communication skills, etc.

Orion was recommended to me by my colleagues, so I contacted them in August. Q Truong was my recruiter, and he is a fantastic individual. I honestly consider him more of a friend than a recruiter. Q was very genuine and involved in presenting the best opportunities to me.

After contacting Q, I was invited to a hiring conference in San Diego, California at the end of August. I was offered my current position the same day, in addition to other job offers from other companies with whom I interviewed. I am now a Field Service Engineer for Intuitive Surgical.

Thank you very much, Orion, from the bottom of my heart. I could not be more excited about my new job, and I am very grateful and indebted to Q and the whole Orion team. So again, thank you!” – Steven Egbert, Field Service Engineer

Job Hunting During the Holidays

It is a common myth that job searching between Thanksgiving and the beginning of the New Year is a waste of time. And if you are buying into this myth, then you are losing out on valuable job searching time. The holidays bring with it reduced job seeker competition and are, therefore, a great time to keep on the hunt.

There are many reasons why job hunting during the holidays is advisable. The first of which is that many hiring managers are looking to spend their budgets before the end of year, and hiring you may just be the way to do that. Additionally, those same hiring managers are busy at the end of year coming up with goals for the New Year, and you may be just the person to help them accomplish those goals. Finally, many organizations hire in December for openings that will begin in January.

During the holidays, job seekers should continue their search despite the date on the calendar. They should schedule time to work on their job search, be in touch with their recruiter, and work on interviewing skills just like they would any other time of year. Job seekers should also continue to check online job boards for new jobs. Orion’s job board is constantly being updated with positions available all over the nation. Networking, even during the holidays, continues to be important, as well. Finally, job seekers might consider sending holiday cards as thank-you notes to managers with whom they have recently interviewed.

The holidays are one of the better job searching seasons of the year. And sitting complacently by from November to January does nothing but hinder your job search. So remember, just because the holidays are upon us, doesn’t mean your job search should not be in high gear.

Click here to read the original article.

Featured Position – Maintenance Technician with an Automobile Manufacturer

Orion is currently seeking Maintenance Technicians for an Automobile Manufacturer. You will initially complete a 13-week training program to prepare you to perform preventive maintenance on the electrical and mechanical equipment for the automobile line. Responsibilities include designing, assembling, and testing hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical equipment and systems. The positions are located in San Antonio, TX, and salary is $21.00 to $23.00 an hour, plus overtime.

Interviews will be held in San Antonio, TX, on December 1-3. (Travel and lodging will be paid for.) To be considered for these positions, you must have an Electronics, Electrical and/or Electro-Mechanical background and knowledge of AC/DC motors, Ohms Law, Circuit Boards, and overall Electronic and/or Electrical theory. PLC or hydraulic pneumatic experience is preferred. Also, you must be willing to work a rotating shift.

If you feel you meet these requirements and are interested in being considered for an interview, please click here.

Earn $100 for Every Referral that Finds their Career through Orion

Did you know that Orion candidates have already earned $2200 in referral bonuses in 2010?

For every job seeker you refer to us who is subsequently placed by Orion, we will give you a $100 gift card to a retailer of your choice!

It's simple - just click here to refer a friend.

30 seconds of your time could be $100 in your pocket!

Technical Careers with Siemens Corporation


Orion is currently recruiting for a large volume of technical positions across all segments of Siemens Corporation within the U.S.

Since the late 1990s, Orion has placed over 425 former and transitioning military job seekers into great careers within Siemens divisions including Building Technologies, Water, Healthcare & Medical, Energy and Mobility. Siemens is currently ranked #40 on the Fortune Global 500, employs more than 65,000 associates in the U.S., and earned over $22 billion in revenue in 2009.

We are hiring for a variety of positions including:

· Field Service and Field Operations;

· Technical and Service Support;

· Materials and Logistics;

· Quality Assurance and Control;

· Facilities and Project Engineering.

To be considered for these positions you must be a Military Technician with an Electronics, Electrical, HVAC or AC & R background.

Please visit us online if you are interested in learning more.

Companies Recently Hiring


Beckton Dickenson Medical

Bio-Rad Laboratories

Bridgestone Firestone


Coca Cola



Fuel Cell Energy

GE Energy

General Atomics

Georgia Pacific


Johnson Controls

Linde Gas

Nucor Steel




Toyota Motor Manufacturing


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