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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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Orion Alumnus Attends White House Launch of "Joining Forces"


Clockwise from left: Nicholas Espe with a portrait of JFK, President Obama addressing the crowd, Espe with Eric Spiegel, Siemens’ President and CEO

Nicholas Espe, a Service Specialist with Siemens Industry in Beltsville, MD, and former Nuclear Electrician’s Mate, attended the Presidential kick-off of Joining Forces at the White House on Tuesday, April 12. Joining Forces, sponsored by President and Mrs. Obama, and Vice President and Dr. Biden, is a national initiative to increase programs and opportunities for military families.

According to the White House website, “Joining Forces is a comprehensive national initiative to mobilize all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned.”  Key priority areas include employment, education, and wellness. In the area of employment specifically, Joining Forces aims to highlight the workforce potential of veterans and military spouses; expand employment and career development opportunities for veterans and military spouses; and help employers create military family-friendly workplaces.

Several companies have partnered in this initiative, including Siemens Corporation, who has committed to reserve ten percent of its more than 3,000 open positions in their clean tech industries for veterans in a program called Siemens Initiative to Support Military Families. Siemens’ President and CEO, Eric Spiegel, attended the launch event at the White House on behalf of Siemens, along with Nicholas Espe, who found his position at Siemens through Orion a few months ago. 

During his six years on active duty in the Navy, Espe was assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise and stationed in Norfolk, Virginia.  He also served on two deployments and visited ports including Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Cannes, and Lisbon. When it came time to transition out of the Navy, Espe partnered with Orion, which led to interviews with Siemens for three positions: Service Specialist in the Beltsville, MD; Service Specialist position in Chantilly, VA; and an opening with the Security department in Beltsville. 

After a site visit to Beltsville, Espe was offered the Service Specialist position and started just before Christmas.  “I had a very good experience with Orion. I enjoyed the Conference and enjoyed talking to the representatives that I had the chance to communicate with prior to the event. I have already put in good word of Orion with others that I know getting out of the military,” says Espe.

Espe explains his participation in the announcement of Joining Forces by saying, “I am very glad I was given the opportunity to attend as a representative of Siemens.”  While at the White House for the launch, Espe got the chance to meet the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus. Sitting only a few rows back from the podium, he was able to hear the announcement of Joining Forces by President and Mrs. Obama, along with Vice President and Dr. Biden firsthand. “This was a very memorable moment that I shall not forget. I’m thankful I was given the opportunity to be invited to attend,” states Espe.
Espe was placed as part of an ongoing Orion-Siemens recruiting program that fills a large volume of positions across all segments of Siemens Corporation within the U.S. In addition to Espe, Orion has placed nearly 600 veterans into careers at Siemens, and is proud to be the exclusive provider of military talent to Siemens in the U.S.

According to a White House press release on Joining Forces, in addition to the Siemens Initiative to Support Military Families, there will also be job training and mentoring through an internal Veterans Network with more than 150 members for these new hires in which Espe hopes to participate.

Additionally, Walmart and Sam’s Club’s Military Family Promise guarantees a job at a nearby store for all military personnel and spouses, employed at Walmart and Sam’s Club, who move to a different part of the country because they or their spouse have been transferred by the United States military. And Sears’ “PCS Promise” will provide transfers in the cases of Permanent Change of duty Station (PCS), retirement, or separation, depending on job availability and performance, for all military personnel and spouses employed at Sears Holdings.

Orion is proud to have had an alumnus present at the announcement of Joining Forces and wishes Espe continued luck in his new career. We also applaud the creation of Joining Forces and the companies who have made commitments to increase opportunities for military members and their family. Finally, Orion is also proud to maintain an ongoing partnership with Siemens, as they work toward their goal of hiring even more veterans.

For more information, visit:

Where are They Now? Michael Worrell

Michael Worrell, an Orion alumnus placed with Target Distribution in 1992, served as a Captain in the Air Force as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer for eight years. During that time, he was stationed at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, Howard Air Force Base in Panama, and MacDill Air Force Base in Florida. By the time he transitioned out of the military, Worrell had earned a Master’s degree in Aviation Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

It was an article in the Air Force Times that alerted Worrell to the then-new career placement services offered by Orion. Soon after contacting Orion, Worrell interviewed for a position as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, as well as one with a major snack food manufacturing company. Being green to the transition and hiring process, he found it to be a bit overwhelming.   

Ultimately, Worrell says that it was not so much that he chose Target, but that Target chose him. “Still clueless of the civilian way of life, I focused on what I knew. That was how to handle and work with people [and] how to get the mission accomplished. Target saw that in me. Understanding that I had no idea of the workings of distribution center or at the time what a Target store was, they took a chance on me.”

Still a military man at heart, Worrell says that his goal was to work for Target for the next 20 plus years. But after three years at Target, various recruiters started calling him about different opportunities.  Worrell passed them onto his colleague each time they called. At one point, his colleague asked him why he was not interested in these opportunities. Worrell explained that he planned on staying at Target until he retired.

It was then that Worrell began to understand the bigger picture and that fact each position is a learning opportunity that may lead to a growth position elsewhere. And, after five years at Target, an opportunity to develop Victoria’s Secret Beauty, a division of Victoria’s Secret Stores, into a larger stand-alone distribution center (DC) came his way. Worrell did just that, and nine years later he began running an entire DC for Home Depot.  Worrell credits the knowledge that he gained at Victoria’s Secret and Target with giving him the solid foundation to move on and be successful at Home Depot. 

As time went on, Worrell’s family wanted to move back home to Fayetteville, NC. Armed with a much better understanding of the civilian business world and the customer service and logistics knowledge he had obtained over the years, Worrell started his own business and opened a funeral home in Goldsboro, NC, that is doing very well. Additionally, Worrell runs a distribution center for a small company called Acme United.

Worrell advises transitioning military to understand that the civilian workforce is much different that that in the military and that you should try to adapt to it, opposed to trying to make civilian life adapt to your military experience. He adds, though, that veterans should remember that their skills take them a long way as they accomplish a successful civilian transition.  In fact, it is those skills that currently compel Worrell to hire veterans himself. 

Orion International is proud to have helped Worrell start his logistics career nearly 20 years ago, and wishes him continued luck as his career continues to evolve. Stay tuned next month when we will profile another early Orion placement.

Upcoming Hiring Conferences

If you will be separating from the military and preparing to begin your civilian career within the next 90 days, be sure to attend one of our hiring conferences. After a full day of preparation, you’ll interview with hiring authorities for only those positions that are a match with your needs and preferences.

Click on any of the conference locations to request more information on the conference you’d like to attend!





Baltimore, MD

Fishkill, NY

 May 16 - 17

June 12 - 13




Atlanta, GA

June 5 - 6




Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

May 1 - 2

June 12 -13

South Central



Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

May 22 - 23

June 26 - 27




Seattle, WA

San Diego, CA

Seattle, WA

May 15 - 16 

June 6 - 7

June 26 - 27

Orion Account Executives Published in The American Oil & Gas Reporter

Orion Account Executives Dave Lehmkuhl and Mike Harvey were published last month in the March 2011 issue of The American Oil & Gas Reporter. Their article, “Hiring Military Veterans Calls For Plan”, which explores why and how corporations should develop a strategic approach to hiring veterans, was selected as the "Editor's Choice" for the month of March. Click here to read the article.

Unique Contract Opportunity

Interview in Seattle on April 25 for a Unique Contract Opportunity with Top Company

Orion International is currently hiring for immediate openings for unique contract positions with one of the world’s top companies. This is an opportunity to be a part of a project that will change how we use and integrate technology into our business, personal, and social lifestyles, and the environment around us.

Position Description:

  • The project length is 3-6 months, and you’ll work both as an individual contributor and in a team environment.
  • This is a 100% travel position.
  • You will work as a Field Operator in various capacities as part of a cross-functional project team. Each person on the team will have specific individual responsibilities, as well as shared collateral duties.

Position Requirements:

  • Former military with honorable discharge.
  • You must be open to 100% travel.
  • Clean driving record (No DUIs or more than 2 tickets in the last 3 years).
  • Clean credit record and clean criminal record.
  • Possess a Valid Driver’s License and either posses or have the ability to obtain a Passport.
  • Capable of doing field related work – can walk and stand for extended periods of time.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • You must live close to or be able to access a major airport for travel.
  • Competent and confident in your abilities, and be able to demonstrate them effectively
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to provide feedback that is clear and concise.
  • You must be a true team player.
  • You must be available to start work in the next 30 days.

We will be holding interviews in Seattle on April 25.

If you meet all of the position requirements and you would like to apply for this position, please apply here.

Recruiter Spotlight

Ernest Burson


Ernest Burson was born in Augusta, GA, and grew up in Pensacola, FL. He enlisted in the United States Army in Montgomery, AL, in September 1976 and received basic training out of Ft. Knox, KY, and advance individual training at Ft. Benning, GA, as an Infantryman. His assignments include two tours of duty in Germany in 1977 with the 3rd Infantry Division and in 1982 with the 3rd Armored Division and the 197th Infantry Brigade, Ft. Benning, GA. His duties included Squad Member, Team Leader, Squad Leader, and Platoon Sergeant.

Ernest joined the United States Army Recruiting Command as a Field Recruiter in Cincinnati, OH, in 1984. His duties as a member of the Cincinnati Recruiting Battalion included Station Commander, Guidance Counselor, and Sr. Guidance Counselor. He was later assigned as First Sergeant in Brooklyn Recruiting Company, New York City Battalion in 1993 and followed that assignment as Operation NCOIC of the New York City, Recruiting Battalion. He left the U.S. Army after 22 years.

Ernest joined the Orion International Cincinnati team on January 4, 1998, as a Career Network Recruiter. Positions held during his tenure at Orion include Recruiter, Lead Candidate Recruiter, and Operations Manager. Ernest and his wife, Shirley, are the parents of four daughters, Katrina, Leticia, Octavia, and LaShanda.

If you could give just one piece of career advice to a transitioning military professional, what would it be?

Treat finding a new career like it is a full-time job.

What do you like most about working at Orion?

I like the fact that we're helping vets each and every day.

What are you actively recruiting for at the moment?

I am currently recruiting for Siemens Wind positions in Iowa and North Dakota, as well as for our Chicago Hiring Conference, being held May 1 & 2.

Connect with Ernest:
(800) 324-2112 x 358

Equipment Technician Positions with Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Orion is currently recruiting for Equipment Technicians for Samsung Austin Semiconductor, located in Austin, TX. Salary is $18 - $21, plus overtime and night shift differential, with excellent benefits.

In this position, you will be responsible for working on multi-million dollar systems with integrated robotics, electronics, hydraulics, and pneumatics and will receive specialized training in the use of sophisticated programs. You will also perform functions associated with manufacturing operations, including Preventive Maintenance, Failure Analysis, Quality Testing, and Production of Memory Chips and Logic.

To be qualified for these positions, you should have a solid military background in Electronics or Electro-Mechanical systems and experience with diagnostic equipment; along with the ability to read and interpret schematics and diagrams. You must also be able to start work no later than June 1. (Earlier start dates are available.)

Samsung will be interviewing candidates for these positions at the following conferences:

April 25th-26th - Seattle, WA

April 27th-28th - Austin, TX


May 8th-9th - Jacksonville, FL
May 11th-12th - San Diego, CA

If you feel you meet these requirements and are interested in an Equipment Technician position with excellent growth potential, please click here to learn more.

Job Seeker Success

“I was a Nuclear Mechanic in the Navy and left the military in June 2004. After attending college, I found my first real job using an online site.  I found my second position through another recruiting agency but was laid off in August 2009.  I had been searching for jobs ever since with no luck until I began working with Orion.

I sought out Orion when I found out they were holding a hiring conference just 30 minutes from where I currently live.   I had four interviews at that conference.  I had never been to a hiring conference, and it was a lot of information.  On the interview day, I was sick to my stomach nervous for my first interview!

My recruiter was Mike Wooster.  I felt that I was treated very fairly and that he listened to my needs. He called me the day after the conference to let me know how I did.  Tim Sweeney also called to let me know Siemens was going to offer me the job.  I had another job offer on the table that I interviewed back in October they had taken a long time to get back with me. 

In the end, I had to look at both companies in terms of how I fit their culture and what I wanted from my career.  Ultimately, I chose Siemens and plan to stay with them until I retire. I am glad that I finally found a company that meets my needs.” - Dustin Neiman, Service Technician

Sales Opportunities Within Orion

Orion International is currently seeking transitioning or former military officers with a strong record of achievement to join our Sales Team as an Account Executive. We are hiring for our San Diego, CA, and Raleigh, NC, offices.

As an Account Executive, you will be responsible for creating relationships with America’s leading companies through development of leads lists, business development calls, and client presentations. The work you do will help fellow veterans transition into the civilian workforce.

To qualify, you should have military experience, a Bachelors degree, and previous sales experience or a desire to succeed in sales. Click here to learn more about joining the Orion team.

Earn $100 for Every Referral that Finds their Career through Orion

Did you know that Orion candidates have already earned $1100 in referral bonuses in 2011?

For every job seeker you refer to us who is subsequently placed by Orion, we will give you a $100 gift card to a retailer of your choice!

It's simple - just click here to refer a friend.

30 seconds of your time could be $100 in your pocket!

Technical Careers with Siemens Corporation


Orion is currently recruiting for a large volume of technical positions across all segments of Siemens Corporation within the U.S.

Since the late 1990s, Orion has placed over 425 former and transitioning military job seekers into great careers within Siemens divisions including Building Technologies, Water, Healthcare & Medical, Energy and Mobility. Siemens is currently ranked #40 on the Fortune Global 500, employs more than 65,000 associates in the U.S., and earned over $22 billion in revenue in 2009.

We are hiring for a variety of positions including:

· Field Service and Field Operations;

· Technical and Service Support;

· Materials and Logistics;

· Quality Assurance and Control;

· Facilities and Project Engineering.

Siemens will be interviewing candidates for these positions on the following dates:

  • April 21
  • May 6

To be considered for these positions you must be a Military Technician with an Electronics, Electrical, HVAC or AC & R background.

Please visit us online if you are interested in learning more.

Companies Recently Hiring

ASCO Power Technologies


Becton Dickenson Medical

Bio-Rad Laboratories

Bridgestone Firestone


Coca Cola

DNS Electronics

 GE Energy

Georgia Pacific



Johnson Controls

KLA Tencor

Linde Gas

Nucor Steel




Toshiba Medical

Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Varian Semiconductor

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