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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Industry Labor Shortages Lead to Opportunities for Veterans




The Siemens Initiative to Support Military Families, whose recruiting strategy is supported by an exclusive partnership with Orion International, was once again in the news recently and is featured in a Reuters article, as well as on the HR Law Blog, BLR. The coverage comes on the heels of Siemens announcementthat they will be furthering their commitment to veterans by reserving an additional 150 positions for them. Previously, Siemens pledged to fill 10% of their 3,000 open positions in conjunction with Joining Forces, the White House’s national initiative to increase programs and opportunities for military families. Siemens has not only met that goal, but exceeded it by hiring 450 veterans since committing to Joining Forces.

Siemens’ pledge to hire even more veterans to fill many of their technical openings is indicative of a larger skilled worker deficit hitting the manufacturing industry. A recent article by Lucia Mutikani, So Many US Manufacturing Jobs, So Few Skilled Workers, notes that in addition to Siemens, other manufacturing companies have vacancies ranging from six to 200 positions, with some of those positions being open for more than six months. The article also proposes that veterans may be the answer to this shortage.

One such veteran is James Lamz, a former Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy and Orion alumni, now working within Siemens’ Sales and Marketing Development Program. He recently attended a White House meeting with the Executive Director of Joining Forces, Brad Cooper, along with Siemens' Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, to discuss Siemens' alliance with the White House on the Joining Forces campaign.

Lamz is the second Orion alumnus to be given the opportunity to visit the White House in conjunction withJoining ForcesNicholas Espe, a Service Specialist with Siemens Industry and former Nuclear Electrician’s Mate, attended the Presidential kick-off of Joining Forces at the White House back in April.

Mutikani’s article cites the recent ManpowerGroup, Inc. 2011 Talent Shortage Survey Results, which found that 52% of US employers are having trouble filling positions within their company. An article on reports that one in three employers globally report difficulty filling jobs, particularly those involving a skilled trade, including industries that require electronic, electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical technicians, due to lack of available talent, the highest percentage since before the recession in 2007. With statistics like these, it stands to reason that Manufacturing is one of the industries worst hit by this shortage.

Part of the issue, according to Mutikani, is that American colleges are producing fewer and fewer math and science graduates. This coupled with an aging work population and a decline in skilled technicians has led to large numbers of vacancies for high paying manufacturing positions. "There's been a steady trend of media reports regarding a lack of skilled trade workers and technicians, even despite the recent recession," Mike Starich, President of Orion International, tells Lin, "Back in my father's day, when you graduated high school you would go to a trade school or college, or enter the blue-collar work force. As America's economy has evolved, there’s been a bigger emphasis on four-year degrees, and this 'white-collar push' has created a vacuum where there are fewer people skilled in the trades."

In response to this shortage, Siemens and other companies are targeting military. "The comprehensive technical training and experience gained in military service is extremely valuable in today's workplace," said Mike Panigel, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Siemens Corporation said in a recent press release. "Veterans possess a unique skill set in technical areas that are a great match with many of our over 3,000 open positions."

Manufacturing represents a breadth of jobs from Service Specialists to Engineers and has proven to be an excellent industry for transitioning veterans. Although the shortage of manufacturing workers may only recently be widely reported, Orion has realized the value of veterans in manufacturing for the last 20 years, and has placed several thousand veterans into Manufacturing positions within Food & Beverage, Medical Device and Pharmaceuticals, Semiconductor, High Tech, Consumer Products, and many other industries. Lamz is pleased with his career choice. “I would highly recommend Orion to any transitioning JMO,” says Lamz, “And I have been very happy with the support Siemens has given me to help make the transition.”


President Obama Announces New Employment Resources for Veterans


On Monday, November 7, President Obama announced three new programs that will go into effect immediately and are aimed at helping unemployed veterans find civilian careers.

  • The first is the Veterans Job Bank, run by the National Resource Directory. This job bank contains more than 500,000 job openings specially tagged for veterans by employers.
  • Secondly, Obama announced the launch of an online tool called My Next Move that will allow veterans to match civilian careers with their military experience, as well as view specifics about that career path, including salaries, training, outlook, etc.
  • The last resource is the Veteran Gold Card issued by the Department of Labor. The Gold Card can be downloaded here and gives veterans access to six months of personalized case management, assessments, and counseling at One-Stop Career Centers located across the country.

More information and links for all three resources can be found on the White House’s Joining Forces Resources page.

Upcoming Hiring Conferences


If you will be separating from the military and preparing to begin your civilian career within the next 90 days, be sure to attend one of our hiring conferences. After a full day of preparation, you’ll interview with hiring authorities for only those positions that are a match with your needs and preferences.

Click on any of the conference locations to request more information on the conference you’d like to attend!


Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

December 4 - 5

January 15 - 16


Cincinnati, OH

Chicago, IL

December 4 - 5

January 15 - 16


Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

December 4 - 5

January 15 - 16

South Central  

Houston, TX

Houston, TX

December 4 - 5

January 15 - 16


San Diego, CA

Seattle, WA

San Diego, CA

December 8 - 9

January 12 - 13

January 22 - 23


Upcoming Base Visits


When our Recruiters visit a location near you, it’s a chance to get a jump start on your career search, regardless of your ETS date. Our Recruiters will discuss your goals and preferences with you and present a realistic picture of what to expect in your search. You’ll get resume advice, interview preparation tips, and much more!  Click here or on any of the base visits to receive more information about the base visit you are interested in attending.

Ballston Spa

New London

Camp Lejeune

November 18

December 7 - 8

December 15


Orion Spotlight


Brittany Ortega

Brittany Ortega is a Recruiting Assistant in Orion's Virginia Beach Office. She was born in California but raised in Texas. Her father retired out of the Air Force after twenty years as an optometrist. She now lives in Virginia with her husband who is in the Navy and their one-and-a-half-year-old little girl named Leighton who keeps Brittany happy while her husband is deployed.

If you could give just one piece of advice to a transitioning military professional on how to best utilize Orion’s services, what would it be?

My advice to transitioning military professionals is take your job search seriously and begin  preparing as early as possible. Also, take pride in your past experiences and don’t down sell yourself.

What do you like most about working at Orion?

The fact that I work with great people who truly care. Also, the people I help are always very thankful and make what I do very fulfilling and enjoyable.

Please share one interesting fact that you would like candidates to know.

I love to help and enjoy when people ask me questions and value my opinion. 

Connect with Brittany:
(800) 544 - 3787 ext 505


Job Seeker Success Story



Diego Perez, Laser Tube Technician

During my Air Force active duty and reserve time, I always did my best and tried to excel in everything I could. That and the fact that the US military is the best training environment in the world gave me a wealth of knowledge and experience (technical and personal) that really prepared me for the civilian workplace. I was really prepared; I just didn't know it at the time of separation. It all changed when Orion helped me put it all together. 

I had two outstanding people at Orion who really coached and treated me in the best possible way. Dan Clevenger and Scott McNary gave me all the tools that I needed, helped me with any doubts I had, and were really there for me during the whole process. I can tell that the two of them really enjoy their jobs and get a lot of satisfaction from it. They really want to help military people. They have been there: they’re both veterans. They know it can be tough.

When it came time to attend the Midwest Hiring Conference, I was very anxious. But, the "interview training" day before made all the difference. If I had not been there to practice, it would have been a disaster for me. 

The day of the conference went extremely well. I was interviewed by four companies, and all of them wanted me for a second interview. Two of the companies were really aggressive in the hiring process and scheduled me for a second interview the same week. The second interview was very challenging, but thanks to Orion, I was prepared. I received an offer from the two companies that brought me for a second interview. 

I was hired by BLM Group USA. They specialize in manufacturing automated machines that cut different types of pipes using high power lasers. It is very technical. I really enjoy working with state of the art equipment, and I really like the people I work for. The pay is more that I hoped for, and I feel really happy. The job requires a lot of travel, and it is all very interesting. I feel like I have a dream job.

When I compare my current job with my military career I see tons of similarities. Military or civilian, I have a lot of responsibilities: I must constantly train on different types of equipment, I have to be a team player to get the job done, there is a chain of command, and I deal with a lot of stress. 

Orion has no match! That is very clear to me. The level of preparation and support Orion provides to military people is the best. I dealt with my fair share of recruiters before, and none of them was so prepared, had so many high quality jobs, or provided assistance to job seekers like Orion does. 

If you put in the effort, and you have the right people helping you (Orion), there is no way to fail. Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. I put a lot of effort into this; I did everything I could, and Orion guided me in the right direction. I am very grateful for the last two months which have been awesome! I must confess that at times, it seems too good to be true... Not every day you get hired to work in a company with so many benefits, good pay, good people, and doing what you really want to do. There is no way to beat that!



Overseas Positions Available through Orion

Orion is currently recruiting for several overseas positions, including roles in Afghanistan and Egypt. If you have either a logistics or intelligence background and are interested in learning more about these positions, please email

According to Your Peers


“My Orion recruiter was Mike Wooster. We sat down in his office and went over my resume, made the necessary changes, and got me scheduled to attend a conference. He was very attentive to my needs and helped me tremendously. I can’t say enough kind things about him or his service.

After I attended the Midwestern hiring conference, I received a call saying my interview with North Star Steel went really well. Shortly after that, I received a call from the company inviting me out for a second interview on-site. I flew out for the interview, which went really well. About a week later, I received an official offer of employment.

Orion succeeded in every aspect of meeting my needs. Without their service, I would not have had the opportunity to interview with the company that has offered me a once in a lifetime opportunity. Orion is amazing. They listen to their candidates, work fast, and do everything they can to prepare you for success outside of the military. I have already referred several people to Orion and will continue to do so in the future!” – Jordan Zuidema, Electrical Technician

“This was the best job search I have ever had. Who knew that in this poor economy a job search could take as little as two days?! 

Jay Koranda and Tony Collopy treated me with a great deal of dignity and respect. They kept me calm until the right offer came around. 

I intend to recommend Orion to every good military member I meet. I LOVE ORION! Thanks, Orion, for showing me how much my time and training in the Navy was worth.” - James Springer, Staff Broker

“Orion ranks way above the competition. I had an awesome experience working with them.  Jim Lewis treated me very well. He was very focused and considerate, and he responded to my questions quickly. He really helped me out so much. Thank you, Jim and the rest of the Orion team, for helping make my transition to the civilian side fast and easy.” – William Dodd, Manufacturing Technician

“I am currently a Field Service Engineer at ASM, and my military training as an Electronic Countermeasures Technician (Avionics Tech) has prepared me greatly with the technical troubleshooting skills that are required for this position.

Orion was the best out of all the recruiting agencies that contacted me. I was constantly kept in the loop and felt like I was part of the process rather than having someone else make the choices for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Orion, and I will not hesitate to use them again if I decide to change my career path in the future. They are the first ones I will call.” -Kevin Wyatt, Field Service Engineer

“I was extremely pleased with how the whole hiring process through Orion went, and I credit Tony Collopy with helping me get my job with Philips. Coming to the end of my naval career, I was planning on using the GI Bill and going to school. I had received an email forwarded to me from my career counselor about Orion. I had seen emails like this before, but never paid much attention because I always thought school was my path. I decided to contact Orion, basically just to see what was out there. Within a couple weeks, I was on my way to a conference in Seattle. 

The next day I was set up with three interviews with three major companies. By the end of that week, I had two offers. I was really impressed with how motivated all the Orion staff members were to help place me in the right job. Not only was I able to find a job, but I was actually able to choose for whom I would work. I would recommend Orion to anyone in a similar position. The whole process was so easy that I think it would be unwise to not at least see what the possibilities are.” – Matthew Spurgeon, Field Service Engineer

“I am an Aviation Support Equipment Technician and learned about Orion through TAP class in August. The Navy was great for me. I got great technical training along with other specialty schools, and this got my new job because of this training. I think that my skills will transfer greatly to my new occupation.

Orion is a great company for transferring military. I told Orion exactly what I was looking for, and that’s what they got me. They didn’t ever guarantee me a job, but they did guarantee me an interview, so the rest was up to me. I got a job doing exactly what I love to do and that is electromechanical in theory. I'm living proof that Orion is a doorway to a new career; the worst that can happen is you actually get a job you love to do.” - Randall Vach, Electrical Technician

Jim Lewis treated me very well.  He helped me in every facet of my job hunting and ultimately getting hired.  Every question I had was answered and any help I needed was attended to with a sense of priority and genuine concern.

I was pleased with the whole hiring process.  Nobody from the Orion team was pushy or came off as desperate.  Thank you to Jim, Jay Koranda, and the rest of the Orion team for their professionalism, hard work, and dedication for a very successful hiring conference.  Special thanks go to ‘Q’ Truong for taking some time to provide me with some one-on-one interviewing tips. I’ve recommended Orion to my friends and co-workers who are about to retire or transition.” - Jorge Peralta, Commissioning Agent

Manufacturing Technician Careers with Intel


Orion is recruiting a large number of Manufacturing Technicians for Intel, the world's largest semiconductor chip maker. We are currently hiring for Intel's fabs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and in Phoenix, Arizona. This is your chance to begin your civilian career with an outstanding company, named on both Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For” and Business Week's "Best Places to Launch a Career.”

Manufacturing Technicians are responsible for performing functions associated with manufacturing operations including set-up and calibration; preventive maintenance; failure analysis; rework and quality testing; and conducting in-line adjustments to products, instruments, equipment, or processes. 

To be qualified for this position, you should be a transitioning or former military technician and possess an electronics, electrical, mechanical or electro-mechanical background, with 3-5 years of non-semiconductor equipment experience. 

Salary will be between $20 - $24/hour plus overtime and shift differential depending on shift worked. You will also be eligible to earn a bonus.

We will be holding interviews on the following dates and locations:

  • San Diego - November 29

  • Seattle - December 13

  • Virginia Beach - December 13

For more information, please click here.


Technical Careers with Siemens Corporation


Orion is currently recruiting for a large volume of technical positions across all segments of Siemens Corporation within the U.S.

Over the last ten years, Orion has placed over 520 former and transitioning military job seekers into great careers within Siemens divisions including Building Technologies, Water, Healthcare & Medical, Energy and Mobility. Siemens is currently ranked #40 on the Fortune Global 500, and # 1 on the Electronics and Electrical Equipment Industry list. They are the second largest non-government employer in the world, reporting worldwide sales revenue exceeding $102 Billion in 2010.

· Field Service and Field Operations;

· Technical and Service Support;

· Materials and Logistics;

· Quality Assurance and Control;

· Facilities and Project Engineering.

To be considered for these positions you must be a Military Technician with an Electronics, Electrical, HVAC or AC & R background.

Please visit us online if you are interested in learning more.


Technical Positions with ConocoPhillips


Orion is recruiting for a large number of I&E Technicians, Inspectors, and Maintenance Mechanics within ConocoPhillips’ Refinery Operations and Transportation divisions. This is your chance to join a leading global energy provider, ranked #4 on the Fortune 500 and #17 on the Global 500.

I&E Technicians

I&E Technicians install, maintain, troubleshoot, inspect, calibrate, repair, and replace equipment, minimize downtime and reduce costs in order to maximize efficiency, follow safety guidelines and be on-call for emergency situations, and train and oversee contract crews. These positions are located in Billings, MT.

Salary: $50,000 – $65,000, DOE


  • Valid driver's license.
  • Four years of related military training and experience.
  • Associates degree in electrical or electronics is preferred.

To learn more, please click  here.


Inspectors will perform inspections on equipment and piping, communicate any information pertinent to assigned work so that revisions can be completed, immediately communicate all safety concerns and incidents, deliver materials from the warehouse to various job sites and individual offices, follow all safe practices and procedures, operate forklift and vehicle, and perform as fire watch or man watch as directed. This position is located in Ferndale, WA

Salary: $75,000 - $85,000+, DOE


  • Have a valid driver's license.
  • Ability to pass all background credentialing / verification required to obtain a Transportation Workers Identification Credential Card.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • A Transportation Workers Identification Credential card.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Proficiency in basic computer usage.
  • Experience with installing new equipment and machines.
  • Ability to determine tools and equipment needed to complete a job.

To learn more, please click here.

Maintenance Mechanics

Maintenance Mechanics will fill one of the following roles: Pipefitting, Mobile Equipment , Instrumentation, or Machining. You will troubleshoot, remove, fabricate, repair, and install a variety of equipment, operate a variety of equipment in order to complete tasks, read and interpret schematics, drawings, manuals, and communicate the maintenance and repair of equipment with staff and contractors. These positions are located in Rodeo, CA.

Salary:  $33/hr - $36/hr plus overtime; $75,000+ annually


  • Four years of related mechanical experience in desired role.
  • Have a valid driver's license.
  • May have to pass certain screening tests, including but not limited to, a physical, a background check, a medical and drug test, and also random drug and alcohol tests after being hired.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • A Transportation Workers Identification Credential card
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • The ability to determine causes of operating errors and finding resolutions.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office.
  • Continuous improvement skills.

To learn more, please click here.


Earn $100 for Every Referral that Finds their Career through Orion


Did you know that Orion candidates have already earned $2500 in referral bonuses in 2011?

For every job seeker you refer to us who is subsequently placed by Orion, we will give you a $100 gift card to a retailer of your choice!

It's simple - just click here to refer a friend.

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Companies Recently Hiring


ASCO Power Technologies


Becton Dickenson Medical

Bridgestone Firestone

Coca Cola

DNS Electronics

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GE Energy

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Johnson Controls

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