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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Industry Spotlight: Semiconductor

According to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the U.S. semiconductor industry is America's #1 export industry over the last five years and a bellwether measurement of the U.S. economy. In 2010 alone, American semiconductor companies generated $144 Billion in sales and directly employed over 180,000 workers in the U.S. This industry is weathering a challenging economy quite well. In fact, the SIA just published a press release stating that worldwide semiconductor sales for 2011 reached a record $299.5 billion, a year-on-year increase of 0.4 percent from the $298.3 billion recorded in 2010. Major U.S. semiconductor companies include Freescale, Intel, Micron, and Samsung.

It is only fitting that a thriving industry would find a talented labor pool in veterans. Veterans, both Officer and Enlisted alike, with electronics, electrical, or mechanical training typically find the transition to this industry to be a suitable one. Military Technicians, such as Electronics Technicians (conventional, nuclear, avionics), Avionics Technicians, Fire Control Technicians, Machinist Mates, Equipment Technicians, and Systems Technicians, are well-suited for this transition, and officers with Engineering degrees are also particularly compatible with this industry. 

One veteran excited to be a part of this industry is Dan Thiele, who was placed by Orion with Intel in November 2011. Thiele is now a Manufacturing Technician at Intel and has found his military background to be very useful. “I retired from the Navy in August 2011 as a Chief Sonar Technician with 24 years of active service. My Navy background provided me with technical skills, a solid work ethic, and the ability to quickly adjust to a changing environment and work on unfamiliar equipment, all of which help me greatly in my new job,” explains Thiele.

Brandon Ferran transitioned from his position in the Navy as a Nuclear Power Officer to a career with Lam Research, a wafer fabrication equipment and services company, as a Project Manager in 2010. He credits his time in the Navy with giving him the background he needed to succeed. “My experience as a nuclear submarine officer provided a strong technical background and operational experience.  When combined with the managerial and leadership skills that all JMOs develop, I think it will be a background that I draw heavily from in my new industry,” said Ferran at the time of his placement.

Veteran placements like that of Thiele and Ferran are not unique.  Orion has facilitated the placement of nearly 2,000 veterans into this industry since our inception in 1991. With the ever-increasing interest in wireless items like the iPad, etc, this industry can expect continued growth as their products power these items and much more. 

Seven Tips for Successfully Utilizing a Recruiter



In his article on msn Careers, Jorg Stegemann lists seven tips for job seekers considering using a recruiter. These tips are great to keep in mind as candidates partner with a recruiting firm like Orion.

Consider using a specialist: Recruiters should have a solid understanding of your value to potential careers. This is true across the spectrum of industries and is of particular importance when transitioning from the military to a civilian career. You need a recruiter who understands your experience and how it relates to different opportunities.

Don’t spread yourself too thin: Stegemann recommends using three recruiting firms at the very most, although some firms do require exclusivity.

Be prepared: Stegemann gives the example of someone arriving at a meeting with their recruiter poorly prepared. And while how you interact with a recruiter is not the same as the actual job interview, it does leave your recruiter with an impression of you, for better or worse, that could influence the types of jobs you are matched with.

Be honest: Your recruiter needs to know your job history in order to sell you to clients, so be honest about any bumpy areas, so that they don’t come out unexpectedly later.

Feel comfortable: It is important to have a good rapport with your recruiter, so nurture a good professional working relationship.

Keep in touch: Stegemann reminds job seekers that just because you don’t get the first job with which you are matched through a firm, doesn’t mean you won’t get the next one. For this reason, you should keep in touch with your recruiter in order to hear about lessons learned from those missed opportunities, as well as learn about new opportunities.

Keeping the seven tips above in mind will help both candidate and recruiter succeed in their ultimate goal of placing job seekers into rewarding careers. 


Job Seeker Success Story



Will Reed, Production Supervisor

Tuskegee University, 1997

I was an Operations Officer in the US Army and achieved the rank of Captain. My last role was in the AGR as a Liaison Officer, also at the rank of Captain. The pursuit of the right civilian career is not for the faint of heart. Orion International takes this process very seriously and tries to help each of us find the right career opportunity where we can continue our growth and development.

My military leadership experience has helped to prepare me for my new position, because I was able to acquire, develop, and refine quality leadership skills that are very transferable into my new position with Scotts Miracle Gro. Scotts is a phenomenal company and desires to have good leaders to join the team. Within the corporate sector, the need of leadership and executing exists as does the military. Successful execution and leadership will yield exceptional results, just as it did during my service as an officer.

Bob Berkholz was my Orion recruiter. It was an absolute great experience working with him. He understood the issues and details of my career search and developed a plan in order to address them. The process was not overnight; however, I am happy that I waited for the right hiring conference, because it could not have worked out better. I would not have gotten better, more thoroughly executed career counseling from anywhere else. I am glad to have worked with Orion and look forward to returning someday as a hiring manager for the company.

I looked at a series of recruiting firms in order to assist me in my search. Orion was the only one who was able to work with me in order to accomplish my goals. I would personally recommend any individual desiring to exit the military service to work with Bob and his team. I am confident in their ability to work with you as you begin your career search and ultimately help you to succeed in finding the right fit for you as they did for me.

My overall experience with Orion was nothing short of outstanding. Finding the right career after the military is very difficult. Orion International will help to bring much needed direction to this process, so that you may continue to progress your career to another level. Contact them with your questions and concerns in regards to your career search without delay!



National Distinguished Candidate Conference – March 5th – 6th in Dallas



Are you preparing to exit the military and begin a civilian career? Do you think that your education, background, and military career distinguish you from your peers?

If so, you may be a candidate for Orion’s first National Distinguished Candidate Conference (DCC) of the year in Dallas, TX, on March 5 - 6. There will be positions available nationwide, with a focus on Engineering, Sales, Leadership Development, and Operations Management.


Orion carefully selects candidates for our DCCs that exemplify the best Orion has to offer our client companies. We work hard to assemble a select group of the top JMOs from around the country.


Our distinguished candidates include:


• Graduates of Military Service Academies or Top Universities with a minimum GPA of 3.0;
• Those with a masters degree or other advanced education; and
• Those that have consistently ranked above their peers in Officer Evaluations. 


Additionally, you should be available to start working within the next four months and be geographically flexible.


What do our candidates have to say about the caliber of our DCCs? Read on...


“I participated in two DCCs with Orion and interviewed with about 15 companies—pretty darn amazing for two days out of my life!”


“The Distinguished Candidate Conference I attended in Dallas was an excellent opportunity to interview with the people who would eventually be my managers. I got to do five interviews in one day!"

“When I turned to Orion, I realized that their reputation stands tall amongst the corporate sector.  It was evident from the multiple high caliber companies that came to the Distinguished Candidate Conferences I attended in Baltimore and Chicago.  I hope that other quality officers will see the benefits of working with a stellar placement firm like Orion.”


Orion only holds a few DCCs each year. The 2012 DCCs will be held:

  • Baltimore, MD: May 21 - 22
  • San Diego, CA: June 4 - 5
  • Chicago, IL: July 23- 24
  • Baltimore, MD: September 10 - 11
  • San Diego, CA: October 15 - 16


If you would like to be considered for one of the upcoming Orion DCCs, please visit us online to learn more or request an application.


Orion’s Military Officer Transition Program & Upcoming Webinars


Whether you have two years or two weeks before you transition from Active Duty, there are many steps you can take prior to your separation date that will position you for success as you transition into the civilian workforce. Our Military Officer Transition Program is designed to put your preparation "things to do list" into a logical sequence that you can complete as you approach your separation.  Our goal is to minimize the stress you may have about changing careers by giving you all the tools you need to be 100% ready to interview before you enter into the 90-day window leading up to your terminal leave.

You will receive a monthly email from us guiding you to a suggested webinar, reading, or activity for that month.  These emails will be sent based on your Earliest Start Date in our records.   If your timeline changes, be sure to let us know so we can update our records! Update your Earliest Start Date and other contact information by logging in here.


All of the training materials included in the program are organized and accessible on our Military Officer Transition Program webpage. To get started, please visit and review our Transition Program Timeline, and note where you fall in our suggested timeline. 


In addition, we’d like to invite you to register for our upcoming webinars:


Career Transition Seminar
This webinar is designed to be one of your very first steps in preparing for your transition into the civilian workplace. Learn about current job market conditions, and the industries and positions in which transitioning Military Officers typically excel. Get tips and advice about your transition, steps you can take to make yourself most marketable, and the best timeline for finding your civilian career.


February 20, 2012
3:00 pm EST - Register Now


Resume Writing Seminar
This webinar will cover all the basics of resume writing – why a resume is so important, what you should and shouldn’t include, how to write a resume that is easily understood by a civilian hiring manager, and much more.


February 21, 2012

3:00 pm EST – Register Now


Interview Preparation Seminar
This webinar will cover all the basics of Interview Preparation – how and what you should prepare, do’s and don’ts during any interview, practical assignments to help guide you, and much more.


February 23, 2012
3:00 pm EST - Register Now


Space is limited, so sign up today!


Please do not hesitate to call or email your recruiter at any time if you have questions or concerns about your transition. We are here to assist you in any way possible.


Upcoming Hiring Conferences



If you will be separating from the military and preparing to begin your civilian career within the next 90 days, be sure to attend one of our hiring conferences. After a full day of preparation, you’ll interview with hiring authorities for only those positions that are a match with your needs and preferences.

Click on any of the conference locations to request more information on the conference you’d like to attend!


Norfolk, VA

Fishkill, NY

March 4 - 5

April 1 - 2


Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

February 26 - 27

April 15 - 16


Raleigh, NC

Atlanta, GA

February 27 - 28

April 1 - 2

South Central

Dallas (DCC)

Houston, TX

March 5 - 6

April 15 - 16


San Diego, CA

Seattle, WA

San Diego, CA

March 4 - 5

March 25 - 26

April 22 - 23

Upcoming Base Visits


When our Recruiters visit a location near you, it’s a chance to get a jump start on your career search, regardless of your ETS date. Our Recruiters will discuss your goals and preferences with you and present a realistic picture of what to expect in your search. You’ll get resume advice, interview preparation tips, and much more!  Click here or on any of the base visits to receive more information about the base visit you are interested in attending.

Ft. Bliss

Ft. Sill

Jacksonville, FL

Ft. Stewart/Hunter

Camp Lejeune

Savannah SACC

Ft. Lewis

San Diego, CA

Ft. Campbell

Ft. Hood

Seattle, WA

Ft. Hood

Ft. Bragg

February 16 - 17

Februray 22 - 24

February 23 - 24

February 29 - March 1

March 1

March 1 - 2

March 14 - 16

March 16

March 21 - 22

March 22 - 23

March 24

March 28

March 28 - 29


Careers with Honeywell



Orion International is currently hiring for many positions Nationwide for Honeywell Aerospace. 

Position types available:

  • Global and Materials Planners

  • Procurement/Sourcing/Commodity Directors

  • Inventory Leaders

  • Integrated Supply Chain Supervisors

  • Production Planners

  • Site Supply Specialists

  • Materials Managers  



  • Military veterans with a bachelors degree in business, supply chain, operations, science, finance, or a related discipline

  • MBA or advanced degree desired for some positions

  • Six sigma certification (Green Belt) - Lean certification a plus

  • MRP and ERP experience needed for some positions

  • SAP experience

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong Computer skills (MS Office Professional)


Locations: Nationwide

Salary & Benefits: Starting salaries range from $65,000-$80,000+, depending on position. Full benefits package is included.

Please click here for more information!

Field Operations Contract Opportunity

Orion International is currently recruiting for immediate openings for unique project positions with one of the world’s top companies.

Our client is an Internet Services Company that has revolutionized the way we search for and access information on the internet. They are listed as one of the best companies in the world, and are on Fortune Magazine’s list of the “Top 100 Employers to Work For.”

This is an opportunity to be a part of a project that will change how we use and integrate technology into our business, personal, social lifestyles, as well as the environment around us.

The company is currently engaged in multiple projects that extend from its core business. In these roles you will work as part of a cross functional team of 6 - 10 members. Each person on the team will have specific responsibilities as well as shared collateral duties.

No egos, you must be a true team player and be flexible and willing to change to accommodate the project and what is needed for the team to accomplish its “mission.” The project length is 4 - 6 months, with the potential to be extended. The timeline for the project will vary between 40 hour work weeks and 60-75 hour “high operational tempo” weeks. Project work will be focused regionally with the possibility of nationwide travel.

Position Description:

  • The project length is 4-6 months, and you’ll work both as an individual contributor and as a team member.
  • These Positions are based in San Diego.
  • This is a high travel position conducting field work and data collection through multiple locations within the U.S.
  • You will work as a Field Operations Specialist in various capacities as part of a cross-functional project team. Each person on the team will have specific individual responsibilities, as well as shared collateral duties.
  • Work/travel related expenses are covered by the company.  Approved out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed.
  • Hours of work per week will vary depending on work load.  Some weeks will be 40 hours, Mon - Fri.
  • “High operational tempo” weeks will be 60 - 75 hours including weekend work.
  • Schedules will vary with 2-3 weeks of “high op tempo”, followed by 1-2 weeks of 40 hour, Mon - Fri.

Position Requirements:

  • Former military with honorable discharge.
  • Clean driving record (No DUIs or more than 2 tickets in the last 3 years).
  • Clean credit record (must have a credit card) and no criminal history.
  • Possess a Valid Driver’s License and either posses, or have the ability to obtain, a Passport.
  • Physically able to walk 10-15 miles daily, and stand for extended periods of time.
  • Capable and willing to do high travel, and easily able to get in and out of airports.
  • Detail oriented in completing routine and repetitive work. Meticulous attention to detail. 
  • Competent and confident in using computers and electronic devices.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to provide feedback that is clear and concise.
  • Must be flexible and capable of adapting to a changing environment.

We will be holding interviews in Chicago, IL, on February 22, San Diego, CA, on February 24th. Click here to learn more or apply.

According to your Peers

"Isaac VanHoose is a professional in every sense of the word. He was able to quickly facilitate finding me employment using a novel approach called ‘mini-conferences’ with the prospective employer. This enabled me to learn a great deal about the company while feeling comfortable throughout the interview process. I would highly recommend Isaac and Orion International in general to anyone seeking professional employment." - Aaron Johnson, Reliability Engineer

“I left the United States Navy in search of new opportunities in the civilian sector. I met with several other recruiting companies and consistently returned to Orion because they made a legitimate effort to find me a job no matter what. I actually changed jobs three times, and while I was not hired through Orion the first two times, they treated me the same every time I returned for their assistance in locating the right career for me: with dignity and respect. 

I felt like I was being heard and that my considerations were being taken seriously. I went through several hiring conferences, first and second interviews, and several on site visits. After a hire, layoff, a rehire, a relocation and finally another hiring with an Orion company, I am now at a job ... no, a career… I enjoy and I can see myself growing in for several years. 

I am now a Product Manufacturing Engineer for Honeywell Aerospace, a Fortune 100 company. Thanks to Orion and the very personal touch offered by the work of Mike Wood, I found a career that truly does allow me to still be creative and use all of the talents and skills I have gained from the military and my degree. 

Some recruiting companies make it apparent that their mission is to keep their large company clients happy by just plugging names into the right slot. Mike made sure I was not only a name but a personality that would fit well with the companies he presented. I am very happy. I am having a great time. Thank you, Mike, for all your hard work.” - Shawn Singletary, Product Manufacturing Engineer

"My Orion recruiter was Chris Hurst, and I could not have asked for a better experience. He was very proactive from day one in getting me started, registering me for a conference, and helping me throughout the entire process. He was always quick to respond to emails and phone calls and always had solid answers to my questions. 

Orion is a class A organization that made my transition into a new career field a complete success. I have already recommended them to multiple people, and, in the event that I make another career change, Orion will be the first place I look to begin the process. I could not be happier with my Orion experience.” – Mike Chenevert, Operations Analyst

"Isaac VanHoose led me through a very quick hiring process with great results. He made himself available to answer several nagging questions. I am grateful for his encouragement and would highly recommend his work and Orion as a company." - James Braun, Reliability Engineer, Severstal Steel

"Mike Wood is by far the best military recruiter that I have ever worked with. It was immediately evident that he is a former Marine as his attention to detail is unparalleled. Mike kept me well informed and was always easily reachable throughout the entire process. 

His efforts to prepare me for my interviews were tireless. I never felt like ‘another number’ while working with Mike. It was very obvious that my placement in a career beneficial to my future was much more important than his commission. With Mike’s help, I was able to secure a dream opportunity with Siemens Energy. Through his consistent professionalism and dedication to my success, Mike has earned my highest recommendation to anyone transitioning out of active duty military service." – Tyler Johnston, Sales & Marketing Leadership Development Program

Mike Wood was awesome! I have been in the military for 10 years and was completely ignorant about interviewing, job hunting, even determining what a good health benefits package looks like. Mike walked me through each step spending countless hours on the phone with me. He was accessible around the clock and explained any questions that I had thoroughly until I fully grasped the information. When I wanted to look for a position in another region, Mike made it his business to make the process smooth. Mike is a really an all-star recruiter.

Orion met all of my expectations, needs, and more! I couldn't imagine a smoother or easier transition. Orion made it possible for me to receive a job in Corporate America making the same amount of money at my dream job with the 105th company on the Fortune 500 without having to relocate. Thanks, Orion!” - Zarod Capers, Facility Buyer

Todd Phillips did a great job. Everyone at Orion was very professional and helpful. Keep up the good work!” – Joe Russ, Process Engineer

“In the Navy I was a Surface Warfare Officer by warfare profession, but served in positions in Engineering and Operations, gaining experience in every form of Naval propulsion (steam, diesel, gas turbine, and nuclear power), as well as logistics, operations, and global supply chain inventory and commodity management and optimization.  My new position as a Design Engineer at Richards Industries requires dedication, attention to detail, discipline, a willingness and drive to achieve excellence, and a reliance on maturity and leadership skills, all gained through my 21-and-a-half years on active duty in the Navy, which I feel have set me up for success in my current position. 

Every veteran honorably separating from military service should work with Orion.  It's a tough job market, and Orion's ability to properly match veterans with the right potential employers will save you many months of job search frustration.  Being able to hit the target was what we did in the military, and Orion will help veterans hit the target when it comes to getting in front of the right interviewers with companies.” - John Kosina, Design Engineer

“Many thanks to Orion! I was a Transportation Officer in the Army, and my new job with Rickmers Linie is line for line transferable. Bob Berkholz, my Orion recruiter, was great! The best thing about my Orion experience was the streamlined and synced process. I liked that the interviews were targeted so that both the candidate and companies’ time and interest were met.” - Kailey Vilches, Business Development Manager

“I just separated from the Army and had a wonderful employment experience with Orion and Todd Phillip’s staff.  Orion brought me to Cincinnati to interview with four great companies.  I was prepared for the hiring conference thanks to Orion’s help with resume editing, interview prep, and education about my potential employers. I received second interview requests from three of them, and, in the end, I had multiple offers to pick from.  

I was not actually scheduled to interview with the company I eventually went with.  I sat through every employer presentation, instead of just the four I was scheduled for.  And then I went to Todd and said, ‘I will meet Cintas at lunch, I will stay late, I will stay an extra day, but I would love to interview with this company!’  Todd got me the interview, which lead to my eventual position.

I was in the job search for six months with little result. Orion provided me with multiple opportunities within a month-and-a-half.  Every separating soldier should allow Orion to aid in their job search.  Especially, since Orion is a professional team working for you at no cost to you! Attack!” - Scotty Coyle, Advanced Management Partner

“Everyone at Orion was very knowledgeable about the various industries and the best ways to capitalize on my military experience.  The resume and interview prep were top-notch.  With my very limited experience with job hunting and interviewing, Todd Phillips and his team put me at ease, and I was able to go into each interview relaxed and well prepared.  I truly feel this was the most important aspect of the preparation, and they did an outstanding job at feeding us information and providing constructive feedback.

The vast pool of knowledge, preparatory materials, and structured process brought everything together for me to be ready for the conference.  The recruiters and account executives all demonstrated the epitome of professionalism.  The conference was well organized and efficient, and the venue was great.  The quality of companies that attended the conference really validated the level of quality in Orion's methods.  The entire experience for me was smooth and seamless. I interviewed with seven companies and received two offers! 

Orion is first-class and without equal.  The provided absolutely top-tier customer service, communication, and overall competence—all critical aspects in my decision process regarding whom I wanted to go with for my job search.  Kudos to the Orion team, and big thanks to Todd, Josh Williamson, DJ Holder, and all of the others in the Cincinnati branch.   My family and I are grateful for the personal attention, rapid hiring process, and abundance of opportunities that Orion brought to me.  I could not have landed this caliber of a job without Orion... I truly cannot say thank you enough!” - Matthew Born, Advanced Management Partner

Career Opportunities within Orion


Account Executives

Orion International is currently seeking transitioning or former military officers with a strong record of achievement to join our Sales Team as an Account Executive. We are hiring for our San Diego, CA, and Raleigh, NC, offices.

As an Account Executive, you will be responsible for creating relationships with America’s leading companies through development of leads lists, business development calls, and client presentations. The work you do will help fellow veterans transition into the civilian workforce.

To qualify, you should have military experience, a Bachelors degree, and previous sales experience or a desire to succeed in sales. Click here to learn more about joining the Orion team.

Earn $100 for Every Referral that Finds their Career through Orion


Did you know that Orion candidates have already earned $400 in referral bonuses already in 2012?

For every job seeker you refer to us who is subsequently placed by Orion, we will give you a $100 gift card to a retailer of your choice!

It's simple - just click here to refer a friend.

30 seconds of your time could be $100 in your pocket!

Companies Recently Hiring




Boston Scientific


CB Richard Ellis

Corning Cable




FuelCell Energy

GE Aircraft Engines

GE Appliances

GE Lighting

Georgia Pacific



Johnson Controls

Kansas City Southern


Lam Research


Owens Corning

Oshkosh Truck


Prince Castle








Stryker Orthopaedics


Worley Parsons

Connect with Orion Online


You can keep up-to-date on all things Orion, including hiring events, base visits, webinars, and news pertinent to veterans through our social media listed below. But don't just take our word for it:
"I was impressed with the Orion presence on Facebook.  The regular updates on hiring conferences is very informative and I direct all my friends that I know are separating soon to your page.  I didn’t always go to the Orion website but was always up to speed through the social media. I liked the fact that it was kept professional in relation to gaining employment.  Too much information would have drowned out the important stuff." - Retired Navy Sonar Technician, Manufacturing Technician in the Semiconductor Industry

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