The Hunter for Military Officers - February 2015

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Orion International Pledges Support to Members of the Guard and Reserve

Orion International has proudly joined the ranks of thousands of companies nationwide who have pledged their support for employees in the Guard and Reserve by signing an Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Statement of Support.

On December 11, Retired US Navy Commander and ESGR Area Chair Ken Oppenheim presented the statement to Dave Lehmkuhl (Sales Manager), Tim Isacco (Chief Operating Officer), Mike Wood (Recruiting Manager), and John Teague (Candidate Recruiter), at Orion’s headquarters in Raleigh, NC.

L to R: Dave Lehmkuhl, Ken Oppenheim, Tim Isacco, Mike Wood, and John Teague

By signing the statement, Orion pledges that we will:

  • Fully recognize, honor and enforce the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).    
  • Provide our managers and supervisors with the tools they need to effectively manage those employees who serve in the Guard and Reserve.    
  • Appreciate the values, leadership and unique skills service members bring to the workforce and will encourage opportunities to employ Guardsmen, Reservists, and Veterans.    
  • Continually recognize and support our country's Service members and their families in peace, in crisis, and in war.

ESGR is a Department of Defense agency established in 1972 to develop and maintain employer support for Guard and Reserve service. ESGR advocates relevant initiatives, recognizes outstanding support, increases awareness of applicable laws, and resolves conflict between service members and employers. The ESGR Statement of Support program was designed with the intent of increasing employer support by encouraging employers to act as advocates for employee participation in the military.

Founded in 1991 by five former Junior Military Officers, Orion is the nation’s largest recruiting firm, whose staff consists mainly of veterans, military spouses, and those still serving in the Guard or Reserves. With such a unique staff, Orion is not only able to help service members make the transition into the civilian workforce but also support our own employees who continue to serve. Additionally, Orion’s Values of Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork, Warrior Ethos, and Commitment complement ESGR’s mission of encouraging the employment of Guardsmen and Reservists who bring integrity, global perspective and proven leadership to the civilian workforce.

To learn more about Orion’s free Career Placement Services for JMOs, NCOs, and Enlisted Technicians, please click here. And for a list of helpful resources for Military Professionals considering a civilian career, click here.

Career Opportunities Within Orion

Account Executives

Orion International is currently seeking transitioning or former military officers with a strong record of achievement to join our Sales Team as an Account Executive. We are hiring for our San Diego, CA; Cincinnati, OH; Raleigh, NC and Austin, TX offices.

As an Account Executive, you will be responsible for creating relationships with America’s leading companies through development of leads lists, business development calls, and client presentations. The work you do will help fellow veterans transition into the civilian workforce.

To qualify, you should have military experience, a Bachelors degree, and previous sales experience or a desire to succeed in sales. Click here to learn more about joining the Orion team.

We also invite you to view a pre-recorded webinar (username iprep, password: video) hosted by Brian Henry, Orion's VP of Officer Recruiting, which provides a detailed overview of the Account Executive position.

National Distinguished Candidate Conference - March 2 & 3 in Houston, TX

Are you preparing to exit the military and begin a civilian career? Do you think that your education, background, and military career distinguish you from your peers?

If so, you may be a candidate for Orion’s National Distinguished Candidate Conference (DCC) in Houston, TX, on March 2 & 3, 2015. There will be positions available nationwide, with a focus on Engineering, Sales, Leadership Development, and Operations Management. Orion carefully selects candidates for our DCCs that exemplify the best Orion has to offer our client companies. We work hard to assemble a select group of the top JMOs from around the country.


Orion has created our Distinguished Candidate Conference to provide exceptional career opportunities for our candidates that have distinguished themselves in education, performance, and experience, while meeting our top clients' needs for an outstanding pipeline of talent from which to build their future leadership.


Additionally, you should be available to start working within the next four months and be geographically flexible.


Shane Serafin, a former Navy Lieutenant and USNA graduate who found his career through a recent Orion DCC, explains why he feels the event was such a success: “An Orion Distinguished Candidate Conference is something that you don't want to miss. It is a golden opportunity to meet with several prospective employers all at once, all of them very high quality. And Orion prepares you well. I particularly liked the interview prep session during this conference. It helped me to tweak a few of my responses in a manner that paid major dividends during the interviews!


What do other candidates have to say about the caliber of our DCCs? Read on...


"Working with Orion International and attending their Distinguished Candidate Conference in Chicago was truly a great experience. When asked how the event could have been better, I honestly did not have an answer, because it was top notch all the way! Everything from the preparation to the event itself was nothing short of extraordinary. I highly recommend Orion to any JMO that is transitioning out of the military; they most certainly will not regret it!"


“I participated in two DCCs with Orion and interviewed with about 15 companies—pretty darn amazing for two days out of my life!”


“The Distinguished Candidate Conference I attended in Dallas was an excellent opportunity to interview with the people who would eventually be my managers. I got to do five interviews in one day!"


“When I turned to Orion, I realized that their reputation stands tall amongst the corporate sector.  It was evident from the multiple high caliber companies that came to the Distinguished Candidate Conferences I attended in Baltimore and Chicago.  I hope that other quality officers will see the benefits of working with a stellar placement firm like Orion.”

Orion only holds a few DCCs each year. If you would like to be considered for one of the upcoming Orion DCCs, please click here.

Career Opportunities with SpaceX

SpaceX is actively recruiting for a large number of positions across company divisions and locations in the United States.

SpaceX was founded under the belief that a future where humanity is out exploring the stars is fundamentally more exciting than one where we are not. SpaceX is actively developing the technologies to make this possible, with the ultimate goal of enabling human life on Mars.

Today, SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft in-house from the ground up. The company has more than 3,000 employees at its headquarters in Hawthorne, California; launch facilities at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, and Vandenberg Air Force Base, California; rocket development facility in McGregor, Texas; and offices in Houston, Texas; Chantilly, Virginia; and Washington, D.C.

Opportunities at SpaceX

SpaceX currently employs more than 300 veterans and is seeking Military Officers for the following positions in Hawthorne, CA:             

  • Integration & Test Engineer
  • Production Control Scheduler
  • Supplier Quality Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Purchasing Manager

Application & Interview Details

Interviews for Engineering positions will take place at the following locations and dates:

January 29th - McGregor, TX
February 5th - McGregor, TX
February 7th - Los Angeles, CA
February 28th - Los Angeles, CA

Click here to learn more or apply.

Military Professionals Webinar Series

Military Officer Transition Program Webinars

Whether you have two years or two weeks before you transition from Active Duty, there are many steps you can take prior to your separation date that will position you for success as you transition into the civilian workforce. Our Military Officer Transition Program is designed to put your preparation "things to do list" into a logical sequence that you can complete as you approach your separation.  Our goal is to minimize the stress you may have about changing careers by giving you all the tools you need to be 100% ready to interview before you enter into the 90-day window leading up to your terminal leave.

You will receive a monthly email from us guiding you to a suggested webinar, reading, or activity for that month.  These emails will be sent based on your Earliest Start Date in our records.   If your timeline changes, be sure to let us know so we can update our records! Update your Earliest Start Date and other contact information by logging in here.

All of the training materials included in the program are organized and accessible on our Military Officer Transition Program webpage. To get started, please visit and review our Transition Program Timeline, and note where you fall in our suggested timeline. 

In addition, we’d like to invite you to register for our upcoming webinars:

Career Transition Seminar

This webinar is designed to be one of your very first steps in preparing for your transition into the civilian workplace. Learn about current job market conditions, and the industries and positions in which transitioning Military Officers typically excel. Get tips and advice about your transition, steps you can take to make yourself most marketable, and the best timeline for finding your civilian career.

February 17, 2015
3:00 PM EST - Register Now

Resume Writing Seminar

This webinar will cover all the basics of resume writing – why a resume is so important, what you should and shouldn’t include, how to write a resume that is easily understood by a civilian hiring manager, and much more. 

View Now

 Interview Preparation Seminar

This webinar will cover all the basics of Interview Preparation – how and what you should prepare, do’s and don’ts during any interview, practical assignments to help guide you, and much more.

February 19, 2015
3:00 PM EST Register Now

Sales Overview and Preparation Seminar

If you are considering a career in sales, this webinar is a great place to start. Led by Orion’s VP of Officer Recruiting, this webinar will provide you with an understanding of why sales can be a great starting point in the private sector, help you determine if sales is a good option for you, and give great pointers to winning a sales interview.

February 18, 2015
3:00 PM EST - Register Now

LinkedIn for Military Professionals on February 3

Develop your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters and hiring managers can find you. Whether you've got 29 days or 3 years left in the uniform, having a professional LinkedIn profile is an essential part of your online visibility.

This webinar hosted by Orion recruiter Sultan Camp will help ensure that you can maximize all of your professional interactions and achieve critical career goals while gaining more visibility.

Click here to register.

Negotiating your Salary for Military Professionals on February 17

Gain a step by step guide to effective salary negotiation. Whether it’s the federal government, contracting or corporate employment, salary negotiation is at the heart of your transition. You must be able to negotiate your salary, understand it from the employer’s perspective, generate counter offers and select a number that benefits both sides. You will learn the context, techniques and approaches available to positively influence an outcome and to develop an effective salary range and strategy for any job offer.

Click here to register.

How to Leverage Recruiters in Your Job Search on February 10

With this intensive introduction to using recruiters in your job search, you can begin your military transition with confidence. Many military professionals lack a strong understanding of the fundamentals of using a recruiter in their job search, making it unlikely they'll get as many interviews as they need to. With ever increasing competition, they face the unfortunate prospect of being underemployed. This webinar will equip you with the tools and techniques necessary to improve your recruiter network and achieve career success in your transition.

Click here to register.

Using Social Media in Your Job Search on January 27

Effective job searches for Military Professionals involve strategies that can be validated. In this workshop, Orion Recruiter Sultan Camp discusses six levels of job search activity, ranging from the passive to the very active & pro-active. The passive job search strategies often taught in many transition workshops is easiest and least effective, while the very active is hardly shared, more challenging, yet it is the most effective.

Register for this workshop today to get a leg up on the 600+ service members that exit the military each day. Get the inside tips from a Veteran & Military Candidate Recruiter to decide how you can best use your time during your transition.

Click here to register.

Careers for Military Officers with EMCOR Group, Inc.

Orion is assisting EMCOR Group, Inc. in its search for great talent. EMCOR has a strong commitment to the men and women that protect our country and it recognizes the value of the leadership and technical skills military candidates have to offer. EMCOR has a long history of Veteran employees, including current President & CEO Tony Guzzi, a West Point graduate and Army Officer.

EMCOR is a Fortune 500 company and leader in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, and building services. The 28,000+ skilled employees of EMCOR have made the company, in the eyes of leading business publications, among the "World's Most Admired" and "Best Managed." EMCOR represents a rare combination of broad reach with local execution, combining the strength of an industry leader with the knowledge and care of 170+ locations.

At EMCOR Group, you'll have more than a job. You'll have the opportunity for a rewarding career with significant responsibilities and substantial opportunities to make a genuine impact. You'll also get outstanding health and other benefits, while working in a military-friendly environment. So join EMCOR, the force for "Building, Powering, Servicing and Protecting."

Click here to learn more

According to Your Peers

“I was hesitant at first to use Orion International when I heard about them through my fellow lieutenant; but, once I signed up and went to their conference in Chicago, I was blown away. Orion sets you up with interviews with companies that are best suited with your skillset and career path. They truly prepared each candidate on how to approach and succeed in our interviews. 

I felt I knew everything about interviews, but I gained quite a bit of insight from the Orion employees, especially Todd Phillips. You can tell they truly care that you receive employment, and they set you up for success. I am glad I went through with Orion International and landed myself a job. Thank you.” - Jun Kim, Project Manager, South Water Signs

“Orion is focused on the geographical area you want. When I was getting out of the military, I wanted to settle in San Diego, but was also open to other areas depending on the opportunity. Looking back, location is very important to me, and I'm fortunate that Orion exists to help me get the opportunity I wanted in the area I wanted. There was no pressure to pursue any opportunities that didn't fit my requirements.

Overall, Orion brought forth opportunities to me that best fit my personality and experience and matched it with the geographic location I wanted. It was truly a win for everyone involved.” – Vince Fontimayor, Strategic Sourcing Manager, CareFusion Corporation

“Orion smoked the competition, and I don't say that lightly! Coming into the hiring process, I also worked with a competitor. I attended Hiring Conferences for both companies within the same week, and it became readily apparent that Orion had a superior program. The quality of companies, the amount of companies, the compensation offered by all the opportunities, the format and training within the conference, and the willingness of the staff to work with and relate to the candidates were all factors clearly in Orion's favor. I would also say that after the first Hiring Conference with both companies did not result in a job, Orion was much more adamant about continuing support until I found a job.” – Josef Miller, Junior Partner, ACCO Engineered Systems

Read more testimonials from your fellow Military officers here.

Engineering Positions with Honeywell

Orion is currently recruiting for Production Engineer positions with Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies, as part of its Engineering Development Rotational Program.

The Engineering Development Rotational Program is a year-long rotational training program where Production Engineers will receive training at up to three Honeywell manufacturing facilities in the U.S. Participants will gain hands-on experience in a dynamic setting. At the conclusion of the rotational program, participants will be deployed to one of Honeywell's key sites. Production Engineers who successfully transitioned out of last year's program were able to relocate to one of their top two location preferences.

Position Details:

Location: Claymont, DE; Baton Rouge, LA; Metropolis, IL; Richmond, VA.

Salary: $80K during the Engineering Development Rotational Program. Depending on your individual performance, there is the potential to receive higher compensation upon completion of the program.

Click here to apply or learn more.

Engineering Positions within the Automotive Industry

Orion is currently recruiting for Process Engineer positions with a remanufacturer of quality parts in the automotive industry. This is your chance to begin your civilian career with a company dedicated to restoring, rejuvenating, and upgrading damaged products.

As a Process Engineer, you will be responsible for the development of new workstations, productions lines and processes within the continuous improvement of the existing processes. You will need to display sound engineering and ergonomic principals that focus on recognizing when there is a problem and the ability to solve the problem required to produce top quality finished products. The Process Engineer role encompasses continuous improvement projects as well as the day-to-day management of the refurbishment process. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Drafting and designing layout of equipment, materials, and workspace to illustrate maximum efficiency using drafting tools/computer.
  • Developing manufacturing methods, labor utilization standards, and cost analysis systems promoting efficient staff and facility use.
  • Conferring with vendors, staff and management regarding purchases, procedures, product specifications, manufacturing capabilities and project status along with new product introduction.
  • Coordinating quality control objectives and activities to resolve production problems and maximize product reliability/minimize cost.
  • Communicating with management and user personnel to develop production and plant layout.
  • Precision machining and gage requirements (Micron tolerances).
  • Manufacturing process development (routing, BOM, work instructions), as well as gage R & R and machine qualification.
  • Reviewing production schedules, engineering specifications, orders and related information to obtain knowledge of manufacturing methods, procedures and activities.

Location: Emporia, KS

Salary: Target salary range of between $70K-$80K.

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering as well as the ability to read and create electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic schematics is required.
  • The ability to analyze statistical data and product specifications to determine standards and establish quality and reliability of the finished product as well as a high level of competence in the use of AutoCad, Solid Edge and Microsoft Suite is preferred.

Click here to learn more and apply.

Careers with David Weekley Homes

Orion has partnered with David Weekley Homes, the second largest privately-held builder in America, to offer career opportunities for those seeking a rewarding career after the military. This is your chance to begin a builder career with a top company. Learn more about David Weekley Homes.

We are currently hiring for Construction Superintendents / Builders.

To be qualified for this position, Candidates must possess very strong leadership and organizational skills as well as a proven work ethic. Candidates must have a high-attention to detail and be able to motivate teams under tough working conditions. Learn more about the position requirements.

Click here to learn more.

Sales Development Program with Siemens

Orion is currently recruiting for a large volume of positions across all segments of Siemens Corporation within the U.S. Over the last 20 years, Orion has placed more than 650 veterans into rewarding careers at Siemens. 

Specifically, Orion is recruiting for Siemens Sales Development Program (SPD) with openings in Pelham, AL (Birmingham), and Jackson, MS, for the services and solutions piece of the sales pipeline. In this position, you will be targeting business from existing buildings in the region, rather than new construction.

Your ability to learn and understand the technical aspects of Siemens building solutions will be addressed during your first 6 months in the program, working in the field daily. Sales skills along with the technical understanding are the focus of your development during the second six months of the program. Sales aptitude and attitude is a must and you should be looking at this opportunity to develop you future from the ground up.

Salary: $55,000 - $60,000 base + commission + car allowance


  • BS/BA or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Demonstrates a basic knowledge of professional sales principles and skills
  • Demonstrates an excellent technical aptitude
  • Must have excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Ability and desire to understand and execute sales plans

Click here to learn more or apply.

Careers with Hershey

Orion has partnered with The Hershey Company, the #1 Chocolate Maker in the country, to offer outstanding career opportunities for Officers and NCOs with degrees seeking a rewarding career after the military. We are currently recruiting for Production Supervisors.

We are holding interviews for these positions on an ongoing basis, so please apply now to be considered.

Click here to learn more.

Engineer Careers with Whirlpool

Whirlpool Corporation is the world's leading global manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, with annual sales of approximately $19 billion in 2013, 69,000 employees, and 59 manufacturing and technology research centers around the world.

Orion is currently recruiting for a number of Engineering and Technician positions with Whirlpool, a leading household appliance manufacturer. This is your chance to begin your civilian career with a globally recognized company in the manufacturing industry.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Utilities Engineer
  • Assembly Engineer
  • Project Engineer – Strategic Planning
  • Project Engineer – Quality

Put your military skills to work at a company that respects your leadership experience. As a values-based company, Whirlpool Corporation supports military veterans through employment opportunities, employee resource groups and a strong commitment to social causes that provide home appliances to severely disabled veterans. We offer competitive compensation, generous Reserve and Guard Member benefits and a variety of career paths with meaningful work that allow you to grow and be a part of a company whose brands can be found in nearly 80% of all American homes.

Click here to learn more or apply.

Engineer and Management Careers with Michelin

We are currently recruiting for Engineer and Management positions for Michelin. Michelin is proud to provide great civilian jobs for military officers. 

  • Industrial Engineer

At Michelin, an Industrial engineering job is one of our top entry level jobs for former military officers. The Industrial Engineer regularly studies, analyzes, presents and implements agreed upon recommendations. Project work includes analysis in machine capacity, material flow, expansion needs, manpower planning, and productivity and efficiency improvements. The Industrial Engineer also develops and utilizes classical Industrial Engineering techniques, administrative responsibilities, and project facilitation after an in-depth 6 month training program.

  • Manufacturing Department Manager

The Manufacturing Department Manager establishes and manages daily priorities of the process and direct reports, ensures production, and quality goals are met per business plan. The Manufacturing Department Manager establishes and maintains the budget, schedules employee trainings, monitors employee performances and provides team communication on business plan objectives and performances.

  • Leadership Development Rotation Program

Michelin's Leadership Development Rotation Program (LDRP) is designed specifically for high-potential, high-performing Master's degree candidates who want to accelerate their development. The LDRP puts you in the middle of the action – in strategic positions with frequent exposure to our leaders, core businesses, and technologies. Our objective is to recruit and train Michelin's next generation of leaders. Participants will be placed in 3-4 diverse roles over the course of approximately 2 years.

Positions will be located nationwide.

Click here to learn more. You can also find out more about what it's like to be a veteran and work at Michelin here. Want to hear about the experience of an Orion alumnus? Check out what a USMC Pilot has to say about his new career as an Industrial Engineer with Michelin here.

Engineering & Operations Management Positions with Honeywell

Orion is currently recruiting for a number of operations management and engineering positions with Honeywell. This is your chance to begin your career with an outstanding company, named on the Fortune 100. Positions include:

Honeywell Aerospace

  • Workflow Specialist

Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies:

  • Field Service & Installation Supervisor
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Maintenance Planner

Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions

  • Field Service Specialists
  • Warehouse Lead
  • Warehouse Supervisor

Click here to apply or learn more.

Upcoming Hiring Conferences


If you will be separating from the military and preparing to begin your civilian career within the next 90 days, be sure to attend one of our hiring conferences. After a full day of preparation, you’ll interview with hiring authorities for only those positions that are a match with your needs and preferences.
Click on any of the conference dates to request more information on the conference you’d like to attend!

Philadelphia, PA

Norfolk, VA

Pittsburgh, PA


Indianapolis, IN

Chicago, IL

February 15 - 16

March 15 - 16


Raleigh, NC

Jacksonville, FL

February 16 - 17

March 23 - 24

South Central  

Houston, TX (DCC)

March 2 - 3


Seattle, WA

San Diego, CA

Seattle, WA

February 12 - 13

March 26 - 27

Upcoming Base Visits

When our Recruiters visit a location near you, it’s a chance to get a jump start on your career search, regardless of your ETS date. Our Recruiters will discuss your goals and preferences with you and present a realistic picture of what to expect in your search. You’ll get resume advice, interview preparation tips, and much more!  Click here or on any of the base visits to receive more information about the base visit you are interested in attending.


San Diego


Virginia Beach

Camp Lejeune

Camp Pendleton


New London


   January 28

   February 4

   February 5

   February 11

   February 13

   February 24 - 25

   February 24 - 25

   February 25 - 26

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For every job seeker you refer to us who is subsequently placed by Orion, we will give you a $100 gift card to a retailer of your choice!

It's simple - just click here to refer a friend. 30 seconds of your time could be $100 in your pocket!

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