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Career Opportunities with Siemens Corporation

Orion is currently recruiting for a large volume of positions across all segments of Siemens Corporation within the U.S. Over the last 20 years, Orion has placed more than 650 veterans into rewarding careers at Siemens.

Today, the Orion-Siemens program continues to grow and expand, and we are seeking outstanding Military Technicians and Officers to join the Siemens team.

Siemens Positions

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  • Warehouse Technician
    As the Warehouse Technician, you will be responsible for assisting customers in signing out tools and equipment, receiving tolls and equipment back, and helping reset the equipment before the next time it is sent out into the field.
    • Key Duties and Responsibilities
      • Working closely with the maintenance teams in the facility to help them repair any of the equipment that needs repair after the last job but you will not be the primary maintenance technician on this equipment.
      • Learning through training and OJT to gain the proper skills that will allow you to move into a primary technician role.
    • Position Details
      Location: Wichita, KS

      Salary: Compensation is $12-$17/hr, plus overtime

      Work Environment: This is a temp-to-perm position. This position is mainly a day shift position, depending on customer needs.

      Benefits: An excellent global benefits package including Medical, Dental, Vision, Employee Assistance Program, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Flexible Spending Accounts, Life Insurances, Short and Long Term Disability, 401(k) Savings Plan with matching contribution, Financial Planning Tools, Training and Education, Tuition Reimbursement, Paid Time Off, Holidays, Flex Schedules, Business Casual Dress, Employee Discount Program, and Volunteer Opportunities.
    • Position Requirements
      • The ideal candidate will have a strong work ethic with a customer service attitude.
      • You must be proactive and a go-getter that does not wait for people to give you direction; if you see an issue, take action to get it done.
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  • Manufacturing/Industrial Engineer
    Completes the development and implementation of complex performance measurement and improvement initiatives. Performs complex inspections and investigations by gathering data related to proper utilization of company labor, equipment, materials and facilities. Performs complex planning of equipment layout, workflow, and accidental prevention measures to maintain optimum and safe utilization of plant resources. Completes the determination of the most economic methods, operation sequence and tooling for the fabrication of parts and finishing/assembly of components for complex processes. Completes designs and develops complex schematic, processes and equipment. Completes complex manufacturing engineer duties, may include plan layout, scrap reduction and quality assurance functions.
    • Key Duties and Responsibilities
      • Analyzes product specifications, and clarifies product requirements and manufacturing aspects with accountable R&D, Engineering and/or Product Management.
      • Develops and calculates product modifications needed to increase efficiency of production, and contributes to re-engineering.
      • Provides detailed information on product specifications and on pieces and parts needed for product completion.
      • Plans equipment layout, tools and IT programs needed, and designs or contributes to design the manufacturing workflow. Cooperates in these aspects with other respective Engineers.
      • Analyzes manufacturing sequences during pilot series and test and analyzes manufacturability of pre-series samples. May recommend product changes and implements production amendments.
      • Conducts improvements projects on site or unit level, and liaises with other engineering functions, external vendors or service providers.
      • Develops and Implements performance measurement and improvement initiatives.
    • Position Details
      Location: Trenton, NJ

      Requirements: BS/BA in related discipline, or advanced degree, where required, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Certification may be required in some areas.
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  • Machinist
    Set up and operate, one or more at a time, machine tools/machining centers (CNC and Conventional). Machine a wide variety of work involving such operations as milling, boring, turning, facing, drilling, tapping, threading, slotting, grooving, contouring, forming, burnishing, keyseating, cut off, grinding and other machine capable operations. Perform manual data input (MDI) as required for CNC. Bench and clean parts. Instruct other employees as necessary and as assigned.
    • Position Details
      Position Location: Trenton, NJ

      Requirements: Minimum 2 years experience as a machine tool operator in precision metal trade or equivalent machinist trade school certification and/or related experience.
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  • Repair Mechanic
      Receive, disassemble, investigate, assemble, repair/adjust all types of steam turbines, compressors, pumps, gears and other customer products and equipment. Document findings and maintain records. Assemble and balance unit rotors and parts. Operate lathes, mills and drilling equipment to make adjustments as needed. Bench and clean parts. Operate blasting equipment to clean parts. Perform hydrostatic test; over speed test; trip test; governor test. Prepare units and parts for shipment, include paint and preserve.
    • Position Details
      Locations: Trenton, NJ

      Requirements: Minimum 2 years' experience as a turbomachinery mechanic or related experience.
    To Apply
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  • Electrician
    Maintain, troubleshoot, adjust, modify, repair and service facility fixtures, systems, machine tools, CNC controls, instruments, motors and other electrical/electronic equipment. Perform all electrical functions associated with the Mechanics function and company products. Fabricate/install, form fit and identify product and test conduit, wiring, instrumentation, boxes and all related parts and materials. Prepare units and parts for shipment; incl. paint and preserve.
    • Position Details
      Locations: Trenton, NJ
    • Requirements
      Minimum 2 years’ experience as licenses Electrician in industrial environment or equivalent experience. Successful demonstration of prerequisite skills. Specific experience in CNC and PLC systems a must. The ability to fix repair and troubleshoot CNC milling machines, CNC drill and grinders machines, read blueprints, wiring diagrams and schemes along with the ability to read and understand schematic drawing for circuit boards, both analog and digital is a must.
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  • Customer Service Representative
    Handles requests and provides customer service, guidance, and complex support for products and/or programs. Performs investigations and resolves complex problems. Coordinates activities with other internal departments to meet customer needs. Provides prioritization of scheduling requests to supplier facilities. Identifies, recommends, and helps sell products and/or programs.
    • Key Duties and Responsibilities
      • Customer Service Representative handles assigned customer repair inquiries from receipt through proposal completion, order entry including all change notices, and final payment. Position requires careful attention to detail, the maintenance of good customer relations, and cooperative action with related departments and functions. Strong technical and commercial judgment is required to ensure all aspects of the repair contract are administered within Siemens guidelines and in accordance with contract requirements.
      • Review and analyze all repair inquiries received from customers. Perform and / or coordinate the review of all relevant technical and commercial information including drawings and bills of materials regarding the shop repair required. Perform and / or coordinate the review of previous contracts to establish subsequent engineering or design modifications to equipment.
      • Track, follow up, and report on open quotations with customers in conjunction with Field Sales. Lead the coordination of all commercial and technical questions regarding the proposals with customers. Recommend equipment or parts upgrades where appropriate. Coordinate with Marketing on equipment upgrade proposals or on-site field work.
      • Review and analyze all repair contracts received from customers. Reconcile with original quotation to ensure accuracy. Resolve all open commercial and technical issues with customer prior to releasing repair order into production. Prepare and issue order acknowledgment.
      • Release all repair orders into production in accordance with facility guidelines.
      • Maintain awareness of order schedules. Advise customer of schedule issues and coordinate with Supply Chain Management to minimize schedule impact and drive toward on time shipments.
      • Maintain equipment files to ensure all relevant information regarding repair quotations, orders, and shipment information is current.
      • Coordinate with Field Service to ensure all equipment warranty matters involving repairs are handled within Siemens guidelines. Prepare necessary releases as required to support warranty claims.
      • Arrange for inspections and tests requiring customer witnesses. Receive and escort customer representatives. Promote and maintain customer good will.
      • Maintain awareness of customer account status and support efforts of Credit and Collections department.
    • Position Details
      Locations: Trenton, NJ
    • Requirements
      BS/BA in related discipline, or advanced degree, where required, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Certification may be required in some areas. Demonstrates and applies a broad knowledge of field of specialization through successful completion of moderately complex assignments. Successfully applies complex knowledge of fundamental concepts, practices, and procedures of particular area of specialization. Demonstrates knowledge of organization's business practices and issues. Typically 5-8 years of successful experience in related field and successful demonstration of Key Responsibilities and Knowledge as presented above. Advanced degree MAY be substituted for experience, where applicable.
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  • General Support
    Perform a variety of production support functions for all Service Shop areas through various activities including movement of parts, final assemblies and work in process when needed. In addition setup and operate various types of finishing equipment (grinders, hones, and other deburring tools) Utilize small hand tools to remove metal shavings from the interior and exterior of machined parts. Instruct other employees as necessary and as assigned.
    • Key Duties and Responsibilities
      • Work from verbal and/or written instructions and Company documents.
      • Utilize and maintain appropriate personal protective equipment.
      • Interpret and work from complex drawings, blueprints and specifications.
      • Washing/cleaning of parts and assemblies.
      • Removing preservative from all parts and assemblies.
      • Applying preservative to finished parts and assemblies.
      • Deburring and benching of all machined or cast or welded/fabricated parts.
      • Trash pickup (general shop trash and chip bins/hoppers).
      • Operate cranes and forklifts safely and effectively to support general production operations.
      • Responsible in general for compliance with the Company’s ISO 9001 Quality system and Preventative Maintenance Program.
      • Perform all work necessary to facilitate job function including incidental work to maintain an efficient flow of work.
    • Position Details
      Locations: Trenton, NJ
    • Requirements
      Must be a High School graduate or equivalent. Minimum 2 years work experience in an industrial environment performing assembly, metalworking or mechanical work (including 1 year of machine shop experience). Qualified to operate powered industrial trucks and pendant cranes in an industrial environment. Qualified to shot blast in any medium needed for successful operations. Ability to read and interpret blue prints and engineering drawings. Respirator certification required. Successful demonstration of prerequisite skills.
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  • Service Specialist - Building Automation Service
    To learn about the Service Specialist position select the topics below.
    • Key Duties and Responsibilities
      • Performs semi-complex maintenance on tools, test equipment, etc., and maintains documents of all installations, inspections, maintenance and repair work, and failures.
      • Participates in responding to semi-complex service or systems calls.
      • Participates in the assessment of semi-complex product/equipment performance based on field support data and recommends modifications or improvements.
      • Handles emergency service calls as directed during the day and after hours. Responds to customer service calls (emergency, on-site, or on-line), checks indicated points of trouble, analyzes full requirements of system involved, and checks and tests systems components
      • Diagnoses trouble or defect, determines corrective action and repairs system. Performs preventative maintenance and diagnostics on automation system and components according to TSP / service agreement contracts. Tests and verifies system readings ensuring an optimal system operation
      • Completes service repairs, replacements, upgrades, adjustments and calibration on automation systems and components following issued tasking, maintenance, and troubleshooting and installation instructions. Performs system checkout and assists in automation systems startups for service installed jobs
    • Position Details
      Locations: Chantilly, VA and Beltsville, MD

      Salary: $55K plus company vehicle, cell phone, and laptop.
    • Requirements
      • Specialized skill training/certification or the equivalent Military experience.
      • Successfully demonstrates thorough knowledge of a technical or specialty area.
      • Generally, 5-8 years of successful experience in area of responsibility.
      • Skilled in programming, job start-up and checkout, and troubleshooting.
      • Excellent verbal and written communication and customer relation skills.
    To Apply
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  • Production Technician
    To learn about the Production Technician position select the topics below.
    • Key Duties and Responsibilities
      • Electronic or electro-mechanical operations on assemblies or sub-assemblies
      • Set-up, calibration, testing and troubleshooting of circuits, components, instruments and mechanical assemblies
      • Equipment operation. Weigh, measure and check raw materials to ensure that batches manufactured contain proper ingredients in proper quantities
      • Assists with routine repair and retest products
      • May assist with rework on assemblies and/or systems as a result of testing.
      • May provide general guidance to others and train lower level employees
    • Position Details
      Location: Flanders, NJ

      Salary: $37K-$47K

      Military Background: Transitioning or former military technician with an electronic or electro-mechanical MOS.
    To Apply
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  • Call Center Coordinators
      As a Call Center Coordinator, you will be responsible for responding to incoming inquiries and/or requests regarding medical equipment service request from Siemens Healthcare customers.
    • Key Duties and Responsibilities
      • Demonstrating strong customer orientation
      • Demonstrating strong communication skills
      • Appropriately discussing and promoting Siemens services and products based on customer needs
      • Successfully exhibiting change management capability, customer focus, and high levels of integrity
      • Displaying high levels of collaboration and influence
      • Possessing a strong business acumen, with the ability to understand information and processes provided by the company and to clearly schedule and take notes in the systems as needed to document all customer calls
      • Articulating a positive attitude and professional demeanor
      • Possessing a familiarity with computer based systems is a plus (SAP and Microsoft Office Platform)
      • Effectively listening to customer needs, handling phone inquiries and documenting within the appropriate technology
      • Possessing a strong attention to detail and the ability to multitask in a fast paced environment
      • Possessing time management and prioritization of task
      • Listening to and accurately following direction provided by management of the customer service group
      • Maintaining a work schedule as provided by the organization
      • Assisting with investigating and resolving routine problems, and recognizing when to escalate customer issues
      • Assisting in order tracking, price quoting, and scheduling
    • Position Details
      Position Location: Cary, NC

      Salary: $17.25/hr.

      Work Environment: This is a temp-to-perm position. For the first several months, you will be working for Orion, and if successful, will become a full-time employee of Siemens.

      Work Schedule: 1st shift – start times between 8 am and 10 am; M-F schedule.
      2nd shift – start times between 1 pm and 3 pm; includes weekends: F-Tues; Wed-Sun; Sat-Wed schedule.
      3rd shift – start times between 10 pm and 11:30 pm; includes weekends: Sat-Wed schedule.
    • Position Requirements
      • Bachelor's Degree or an Associate's Degree with 2 years of call center experience required
      • Professional appearance and demeanor
      • Excellent oral and written communication skills
      • Time management and organizational skills needed for success in role
      • Must be team oriented and able to multi-task
    To Apply
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  • Sales Development Program
      We are hiring for Siemens Sales Development Program (SPD) for openings in Pelham, AL (Birmingham) and Jackson, MS, for the services and solutions piece of the sales pipeline. You will be targeting business from existing buildings in the region, rather than new construction. Your ability to learn and understand the technical aspects of Siemens building solutions will be addressed during your first 6 months in the program, working in the field daily. Sales skills along with the technical understanding are the focus of your development during the 2nd six months of the program. Sales aptitude and attitude is a must and you should be looking at this opportunity to develop you future from the ground up.
    • Key Duties and Responsibilities
      • Under close supervision, manages and grows assigned territory or group of accounts
      • Achieves booking and gross margin goals
      • Develops, implements plans to take advantage of all sales opportunities for assigned customers and territory
      • Effectively performs needs assessments, develops sales proposals, estimates, specifications and presentations
      • Works with operations, finance, legal and other inside and outside resources as needed to obtain the sale
      • Ensures a smooth sales-to-operations turnover and monitors progress
      • Assists in resolving installation, collections and other customer satisfaction issues as needed
      • Assists customers with problems involving the use of company products and services and resolves issues
      • Prepares accurate and thorough sales activity reports, forecast reports and expense tracking
      • Participates in civic and professional organizations, and sales department meetings, workshops and seminars
      • Keeps current on market business and product trends
      • Pursue in-depth product and service knowledge and acquire deeper selling, technical and financial skills
      • Prepares annual technology roadmap for each accounts managed
      • Develops and builds long-term relationships
    • Position Details
      Position Locations: Pelham, AL & Jackson, MS

      Salary: $55k-$60k base + commission + car allowance
    • Position Requirements
      • BS/BA or equivalent combination of education and experience
      • Demonstrates a basic knowledge of professional sales principles and skills
      • Demonstrates an excellent technical aptitude
      • Must have excellent communication and presentation skills
      • Ability and desire to understand and execute sales plans
    To Apply
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  • Other Career Opportunities
      • Manufacturing Technician
      • Production Worker
      • Applications Engineer
      • Field Service and Field Operations
      • Wind Turbine Technicians
      • Technical and Service Support
      • Materials and Logistics
      • Quality Assurance and Control
      • Facilities and Project Engineering

    To Apply
    APPLY NOW to be considered for this position.
About Siemens

Siemens AG is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, and operates in the Infrastructure & Cities, Industry, Healthcare, and Energy sectors. For more than 160 years, Siemens has built a reputation for leading-edge innovation and the quality of its products, services and solutions.

With 362,000 employees in 190 countries, Siemens reported worldwide revenue of approximately $100 billion in fiscal year 2013. Siemens in the USA reported revenue of $24.3 billion, including $5.9 billion in exports, and employs approximately 52,000 people throughout all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Learn more about Siemens
Veteran Success at Siemens

Across the U.S., Siemens currently has more than 3,500 veterans working at Siemens. Siemens recently opened a new state-of-the-art wind service training center in Florida, where nearly 25% of the employees are U.S. military veterans. To support the growing number of veterans joining Siemens U.S., they have created the Siemens Veterans Network, the first nationwide employee group to provide mentoring and job training specifically to veterans.

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Veterans at Siemens (PDF)
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