The Bullseye - May 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In This Issue:
Career Networking for Veterans,
Alumni Update,
Healthcare Bill Overview,
Congratulations to This Month's Winner,
March Job Report: A Beacon of Hope,
Connect with Orion

Career Networking for Veterans

Career Networking for VeteransYou’ve landed a job you love, but you still enjoy networking with fellow veterans and field experts. You wonder what fellow veterans are experiencing in their jobs; what types of challenges have they had transitioning from a military to civilian job; if they enjoy their new role; what their greatest challenges have been; and how have they translated the skills they gained in the military to their jobs in corporate America. You might also wonder if they found it hard to adjust culturally to a corporate environment. These are all legitimate questions, and the answers are right at your fingertips.

There are several websites that allow you to connect with veterans in your field of expertise. Whether you are looking for a job or already have one, other vets are available to speak with you and share advice.

Visit and go to the careers tab. Next, select the veteran career network option. Here you can connect with over 600,000 veterans from various fields.

One site that is geared towards veterans with MBA’s is MBA Veterans Connect. They specialize in connecting those who have both served in the military and obtained advanced business training.

Other valuable websites include The Department of Veterans Affairs which gives advice and valuable resources to veterans, and Women in Military Service for America Memorial, which allows female veterans to network with old service friends and find new ones.

And of course, perhaps most important of all, don't forget to join Orion's Alumni Group on LinkedIn -  a place to connect with fellow veterans who found their careers through Orion.

Networking with fellow veterans is a valuable tool in your civilian career and can provide resources for you that would have otherwise remained unutilized.

Alumni Update

Orion International Alumni Update

Orion International placed me into my job with Tyco Electronics in May 2007. I am a Sales Engineer in the Aerospace and Defense business unit. My customer base consists of OEMs, Subcontractors, Distributors, etc., for the Aerospace industry.

The current job that I have with Tyco is a job that most have to work toward within the company. I was fortunate to get the job based on my military experience and education. There are Sales Engineers that have been with the company for 30 years in this same position because of its benefits. Tyco is a 13.8 billion dollar company with facilities all over the world. 

 - Cory Demery, Sales Engineer, Tyco Electornics

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Healthcare Bill Overview

Healthcare Bill OverviewThe new healthcare bill, called The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, has been over a year in the making. It will impact every United States citizen at some point in time. Here is an overview of the key changes:

1. Effective this fall, you cannot be dropped by your insurance carrier for “getting sick.” In addition, you can’t be denied insurance based on pre-existing medical conditions. A plan that allows people to purchase insurance through a state-run “high-risk pool”, which will limit your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, will be in place until 2014 when the broad expansion takes place. Also, your children cannot be denied coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

2. Your children are covered until the age of 26 if they are financially dependent on you and cannot obtain insurance through their employer.

3. There is a provision preventing lifetime dollar limits on a policy.  This is generally useful for those who develop chronic diseases.

4. Starting in 2014, you will have to purchase health insurance or risk being fined. If your employer does not offer health insurance and your income doesn’t allow room to purchase a plan, the government will provide assistance. The fines for not having health insurance will be based on a sliding scale from 1%-2.5% of a person’s income, with a maximum cap.

5. Beginning in 2014 states will offer exchanges. Exchanges are basically insurance marketplaces that will provide you with more options for purchasing an insurance policy. They will be available to those who can’t afford or get insurance or if you make too much to qualify for Medicaid.

6. Seniors will be immediately eligible for a $250 rebate to fill in the “doughnut hole” in Medicare prescription drug coverage.

7. Flexible spending accounts will have lower contribution limits. The new maximum contribution to these pre-tax accounts for medical expenditures will be $2500. There will also be fewer expenses covered.

8. Beginning in 2018, if you earn more than $250,000 (combined as a family), you will have more money deducted from your paycheck for Medicare.

9. In 2011, Medicare will provide free annual wellness visits, and new plans will be required to cover preventative services with no co-pay.

These are just a small portion of the changes to take place with The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act. For additional information on how the new healthcare plan will affect you and your family, please visit


Congratulations to This Month's Winner

John Hendrix won the Job Seeker Referral monthly drawing and is the winner of a $50 gift card.  
Ready for your chance to win a $50 gift card? You’ll receive an entry into our monthly drawings for Client and Job Seeker referrals for each referral that you submit – good luck and thank you for the referral!.

March Jobs Report: A Beacon of Hope

March Jobs Report: A Beacon of HopeIn March, the US economy gained more jobs than any other month in the past three years, according to the latest government figures. The Labor Department’s latest report said the economy gained 162,000 jobs, which makes March only one of three months of gains since the start of the recession.

March was forecast to gain 184,000 jobs. Despite the falling short of this goal, it was generally viewed as a good month by economists due to revised numbers in both January and February that added 62,000 jobs. The unemployment rate, however, remained high at 9.7%.

The March unemployment data points towards the fact that the labor market has begun to regain balance. This is a key measure of the vitality of the US economy and an important indicator of our economic health.

Several reasons contributed to the increase in jobs, including better weather in February (compared to the January blizzards) and the hiring of workers for the once-every-ten-years Census.

President Barack Obama, speaking in Charlotte, North Carolina, commented on the latest jobs report, “Government can't reverse the toll of this recession overnight, and government on its own can't replace the 8 million jobs that have been lost," he said. "The true engine of job growth in this country has always been the private sector. What government can do is create the conditions...for companies to hire again.”

While the numbers are better, it doesn’t provide relief to the 15 million people listed as unemployed. Hope is on the horizon, though. The average hourly workweek crept up 0.1 hours in March, and the average weekly paycheck was raised by $1.57 to $763.98. This should help increase consumer spending and confidence in the future.

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