The Bullseye - November 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

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How to Succeed as a Young Manager,
Alumni Update,
Foreclosure Filings Hit Five-Year Low,
Congratulations to This Month's Winner,
A Watchful Eye: The Top Three Online Scams,
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How to Succeed as a Young Manager

Perhaps your years in the military afforded you a fast track to management. Maybe, you worked harder than all of your peers and were recognized by management with a promotion. But, despite your hard earned title, when you look around you see looks of doubt from subordinates twice your age. Succeeding as a young manager can be difficult, at best. You have more to prove than your counterparts. Can anything be done to ensure the respect and confidence of your employees? The answer is: With careful thought and consideration, a talented manager can command the admiration and respect of his/her employees, despite the disparity in age.

1.    Establish Expectations. Despite the grumbling you may hear from your employees, expectations must be laid out, goals must be defined and employees must be given the tools to succeed. This is true of all managers. Don’t give in to the idea that someone else knows more because they are older or more experienced than you. Remember who is in charge.

2.    Don’t be everyone’s best friend. You should practice empathy and understanding as a manager, but you aren’t there to be friends with everyone and be the “cool” manager. Your superiors have entrusted you with the goal of making money and impacting the bottom line…this is your job.

3.    Listen and implement. Emphasize your open door policy and listen to the ideas of your employees. Allow them to use some of their expertise to design and deliver successful projects. This will show that you are open to suggestions and value your employees’ opinions. At the same time, remember rule number one: don’t give into all ideas because of an employee’s age and/or experience. All suggestions must make sense and align with business goals/objectives.

4.    Realize what you know and what you don’t know. Your expertise has gotten you this far, and you will need your employees to see that knowledge. But, it is important also to realize that you don’t know everything and in some cases you can learn from those with more experience.

Following these easy suggestions can lead you on the path to further success, not only with your superiors, but also with your employees.

Alumni Update

Chris Pieczonka
Sale and Marketing Development Program, Siemens Energy
US Navy, Surface Warfare Officer, Lieutenant
United States Naval Academy, 2005

My job with Siemens has me working in the energy industry, specifically the power generation and service industry. My military experience helps me in many different ways. One of the most direct ways was the fact that I earned an EOOW on my first command. Siemens Energy’s competitive advantage in energy industry is its leading edge gas turbine technology. Having some intimate knowledge of how a gas turbine plant works was a huge advantage in the interview process.

I just moved back to Orlando to finish the program in my final placement in the Service Fossil group. In my new position, I am going to support the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic sales regions for complex bids to provide service for power plants that are scheduled for maintenance. As a first position, it’s a great place to be. I will have to interface with all of the service business divisions—non-destructive examination, manpower, parts, upgrades, technical field assistance, and operations.

This position will give me a great knowledge base on how Siemens conducts business on the service side, as well as how its internal decision making and business processes and run. Additionally, for any bids for work that require special approval, I will have to brief the executives of the service group. At Siemens, networking is highly valued in order to promote, so having the opportunity to display your work to executives is extremely valuable for career progression.

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Foreclosure Filings Hit Five-Year Low

RealtyTrac®, the leading online marketplace for foreclosure properties, recently released their U.S. Foreclosure Market Report™ for the month of September (third quarter 2012), which showed foreclosure filings had dipped to their lowest levels since July 2007. The foreclosure filings included default notices, scheduled auctions, and bank repossessions on 180,427 properties, a decrease of seven percent from August and sixteen percent from one year ago.

Other important data from the report included:

September was the second consecutive monthly decline in foreclosure filings, but there is sharp disparity between different states.
The top five highest foreclosure states included: Florida, Arizona, California, Illinois, and Georgia (Florida had the highest number of foreclosures).
The number of foreclosure starts fell 12 percent to 87,066 from August.
The biggest foreclosure start declines during September were in California, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, and Texas.
19 states had rising foreclosure starts during September. The largest increases were in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington State, and Florida.
The month of September produced 53,569 completed foreclosures.
Home repossessions rose in September in 12 states.

The number of homes entering the foreclosure process is expected to decrease gradually unless there is another unforeseen economic crisis. 

Congratulations to This Month's Winner


Richard Nicolas won the Job Seeker Referral monthly drawing and is the winner of a $50 gift card.  
Ready for your chance to win a $50 gift card? You’ll receive an entry into our monthly drawings for Client and Job Seeker referrals for each referral that you submit – good luck and thank you for the referral!

A Watchful Eye: The Top Three Online Scams

The Internet is a thief’s dream. Over the past twenty years since the information highway became accessible, thieves have become very creative at stealing identities, account information, and duping people into giving up their life savings. Here are the top three (most widespread) modern online scams:

1.  The Nigerian Family Scam – Also known in the tech world as Scam 419, this scam uses a plea for help from a desperate woman in Nigeria whose husband has died. She wants to leave his estate to a non-profit but must pay sums of money to cover legal fees in order to do so. The person being scammed is promised a large cut of money for their services. Of course, this is too good to be true, and the person being scammed will never see any of the money, because it doesn’t exist. Basically, the scammer preys on the emotions of vulnerable people and runs off with their money. 

2.  Advanced Fee Loans/Credit Cards – You receive an online offer for a pre-approved loan or credit card that charges a fee up-front. The thing to remember here is that no reputable credit card company or bank charges an up-front or starter fee. Yes, some banks do have annual fees, but they are applied to the balance, not used as an opening tool.

3.  “Phishing” E-Mails – These are probably the most well known and numerous scams. Basically, digital thieves trick people into giving them their passwords by sending convincing e-mails and/or setting up websites that mimic your bank or another lender. To avoid phishing scams, beware of any site asking you to “confirm your identity”. Often this will include a story of how your account has been hacked to lure you into entering your passwords. In addition, never give your ID/password information to any site unless you’ve gone directly to a corporate site (not a link) and/or you call the number of your bank that is listed on your credit card or account ID card.

Certain segments of society are at particular risk, so family members should be diligent and give them the knowledge to prevent being scammed. A general rule of thumb is…when in doubt, do your research. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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